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Friday, December 30, 2005


Papa!Christmas was a happy time in the Kydd household. I of course, cooked way too much food - but we ate like kings! Home made mince pies, cookies and of course in the English tradition - the bird! Martha’s recipe served me a treat and 30 minute bastings produced a tender piece of meat - even tho I was exhausted by the time we got down to eating it!

Oliver is a bundle of energy - with no real place to direct it to. So he’s getting a bit frustrated - once he turns from his tummy on to his back, he has nowhere else to go. I know we should enjoy it - as soon as he learns how to crawl we’ll be in trouble.

New Year is approaching and with it what we want to aim for next year… A safe and healthy year is top of my list, taking time to enjoy what we have and make the most of the opportunities presented to us.
29th December, 2005
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas approaches…

Santa's helperWe are SO glad to be home. We’re all now over our various colds and flus - what a nightmare! Having fun dressing the tree, writing cards and wrapping presents. Looking forward to our first Christmas just the three of us as a family. It’ll be strange in some ways, not to be with the rest of the family, but it’ll be more relaxing and anything that means we don’t need to get on a flight again anytime soon - phew!
19th December, 2005
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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Projectile vomit at 34,000 feet?

Anyone? Anyone? No takers? Hmm…

It’s taken me a while to summon up the necessary perspective and distance to be able to record the events of flight UA 135 from London to LA. “Eventful” doesn’t quite do it justice, let’s try, hmm… “nightmarish”, or “horrific” - yes that’s more like it.

The morning started off excitingly enough. Having paid for a pre-8am delivery of my visa from the embassy, so we could leave on Wednesday on the 11.15 flight, 8am came and went and no visa. Repeated calls to the courier assured us that our precious cargo was en route and yet the minutes continued to pass. As 8.30am came and went we decided to divide and conquer, and Steven took off ahead of me to return the car. Tic tic tic… 9am, 9.30am - still nothing. 9.33am, or thereabouts and finally the visa arrived. You can imagine the hilarity - NOT! Mom, Oliver, Freddie and I made off in hot pursuit of Steven to Heathrow, every second counting, Monty Python couldn’t have written it any better.

At 10.15 we arrived and literally bumped into Steven descending from the airport bus - having looped the airport a few times in desperate search of the car rental returns. We dashed - thank heavens for friendly staff - only to manage to check in seconds before they closed the gate. Infact they did close the gate, but reopened it for us. We were escorted to the plane and huffing and puffing made it to our seats. I have to give credit where it’s due - we were all holding it together quite valiantly at this stage. Oliver knew that something was up - he’s never seen me actually run before - and decided that now was not the time to create any kind of stink - except of the diapering kind.

So we made it - foolishly thinking that our troubles were over. Boy were we wrong!Our wee man did sleep fitfully here and there it’s true, in between whooping sounds - you couldn’t call it screaming - being more akin to a whining puppy - he did manage to get - oh I’d say about an hour of shut eye during the entire flight. I’m not sure whether it was the constant nursing trying to get him to sleep - but at one point, about an hour in, Oliver decided he’d had quite enough to eat and needed to share it with everyone. Vomit and copious amounts of it, came out all over Mama, who of course had not brought a change in clothing. As Steven said “well - that’s the low point!” - ah the glories of the eternal optimist.

All in all, I do have to say, it was the worst flight of my life! I kid you not and not even due to my own personal discomfort - which wasn’t insignificant. Seeing our poor wee lamb in such distress, not knowing what to do with himself and getting more and more anxious and tired and simply zonked, is not an experience I would ever want to repeat.

But that was yesterday. We all went to bed at 7pm and slept through to morning - with the occasional feeding - which in the grand scheme of things - was the least of our worries. Oliver has now caught my cold/cough and has been running a fever. He’s a hardy chap so fingers crossed it wont last for long, but it’s heart-breaking to see him wheezing. I am so glad to be home, and so glad we are all safe and sound, or mostly.

I’m trying to think of what my learnings from this experience are, what I would do differently, and really can’t think of anything - it is what it is - too far to fly with an infant.

But oh - I did get my greencard. :-)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Man meets horse

Man meets horseAnd so concludes our sojourn in the UK.
The visa has finally come through and the days of waiting are over - thank goodness! Tomorrow it’s scheduled to arrive by 8am, then we fly out at 11. Talk about cutting it fine!
Oliver has had many new firsts. Met a horse, seen a sheep, breathed in the cold damp air of the mother country. He has now tasted potato, sweet potato, peas, zucchini, and some carrot. Yum. He’s eating three times a day and seems to be starting to wean. I’m feeding him a lot less so hopefully this is it. He is now 17lbs, 4 oz and 70cms long - not sure what that is in inches…28 or so…
Very much looking forward to getting home. What an adventure it’s been.Phewee!
6th December, 2005
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Monday, December 5, 2005

The Waiting Game

Now the excitement over getting the greencard has given way to the ennui of waiting for it. We had hoped it would arrive today, meaning we could leave first thing in the morning, but alas it wasn’t to be. And so we wait.
A lovely pint


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Original Greenback

Yes it’s true, the proverbial eagle - or should I say blackbird - has landed. I’m legal baby, greencard granted. 2 plus years of legal process have finally come to resolution. Thank goodness. No more dealing with (I have to say) incompetent lawyers - hooray!

Say what you will about the complex history of Anglo-American relations - “liberated our faithful pilgrims from the mad monarch”, “saved our ass in the war”,”gave us the gift of Elvis” blah blah blah - suffice to say I’ve decided to let bygones be bygones and join your gracious ranks. I was granted a greencard from your most wondrous US government (now there’s two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence) and am free to come and go (and most importantly work - or not) as I wish.

Yesterday morning at 9.30am Steven and I made our trek to Grosvenor Sq. The wait was short - surpisingly so from what I’ve heard - and thankfully so, given the biting cold. The two interviews that were relatively perfunctory and within an hour or so we were all good to go. They will keep my passport and send it back to me via courier as soon as the medical results arrive and that’s it. Should be 7 days, so they say, but we pleaded for expediency, so fingers crossed.

US Embassy So there we have it. My passport will be sent to me, together with an envelope that I “must not open at all costs” which I hand over to Mr Immigration upon my return. He then stamps my passport and within a couple of months the actual green card will arrive. Citizenship, you will my friends, be relieved to hear, is still some years away. So the Democrats are going to have to wait a bit longer for my vote - let’s hope they get their act together by then.

Sleep update - for those following our entrepid adventures. Last night was the best yet. Some rocking in the stroller yes I admit it - let’s just say sleep training as we know it, is on hold for now. The night then alternated between stroller rocking and surreptiously sneaking him into the crib. Today I feel half-decently rested. Nice one!

In spite of it all I am so very glad we came. It has not rained once since we got here - shocker. The days are misty and twilight never seems far away. Mom now lives in a very pretty village and we’re enjoying spending time with everyone. Oliver is blossoming once more - every trip is worth it. Challenging, but worth it a hundred fold. For anyone fearing travelling with infants I would say - yes, it is very hard work, exhausting and horrid - but on another level its more satisfying than any other time I can remember. It’s time spent as a family - and as I’ve said before, this is the stuff memories are made of.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Back to Blighty

OK - well although now I am sorely tempted to say we are never travelling anywhere ever again, I know that is over-dramatising. Suffice it to say baby O has found the transition to a new place and a new timezone somewhat taxing - most specifically between the hours of 11 and 3am.

To begin at the beginning.

Mama & O The flight was a dream! My worst fears were not realised, or rather were misplaced. We had a spare seat between us and out little angel slept the entire way. Steven and I got some sleep too, altho that shallow kind where you’re half-aware of everything - but hell, I’ll take it.

Arrived in the UK and altho it’s cold, it’s not bone-chillingly so. We are well prepared with scarves and mittens and all keeping warm. Was great to see Mom and her darling little cottage. It’s totally gorgeous, will have to get a photo - but very kid-unfriendly, lots of creakings, steep stairs and no sound insulation to speak of - so from the bedroom you hear everything downstairs. These sound like pitiful whinings I have to say - so sue me - these things become crushingly important when trying to get your infant child to sleep and persuade him that it is time to sleep - even though on the inside he knows its 10am!

Needless to say the first night was rough. He’s just not sleeping - so there was lots of pacing with the stroller - oh and projectile vomit at 2am - musn’t forget to mention that. Night two, last night, was easier. He is adjusting and this time we kept the stroller in the bedroom so we could rock him from the bed without getting up.

Jackie & AlexCaught up with the family yesterday - Alex is a complete dervish - whirling around - a bundle of energy.

Becky is 7 going on 12! So grown up - she has changed so much since our wedding - I asked her who her favorite bands were and she said - Greenday, McFly and Girls Out Loud - well I know one of them at least!
Abbie is wee and teething - a gorgoous smile and as good natured as her big sister. Becky is a total joy - wonderful little girl - her school seems to be doing her wonders - she is so much more outgoing and really blossoming - but maybe that is just growing up.
Becky & Abbie
Today we’re at the Y! London UK offices - learning a lot about Yahoo! ops here - similar opportunities and challenges. Great loaction right in the middle of Leicester Sq. That’s all for now. although I moan about O’s sleep habits he’s a total trooper - he was up all day yesterday enjoying his cousins - smiling and laughing heaps with not one meltdown - he was so well-behaved - bless him.

Praying for sleep tonight.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Xmas Lists

So I’ve been asking around for cool sites and places to look for fun and unusual gifts for the wee ones this holiday. This is what I have so far…

Time Magazine’s webshopping guide for kids
Blogging Babys Guide to Thanksgiving Books
Daddytypes list’s retro toys on Ebay
That’s about it for lists of stuff - let me know anymore out there…

Some fun stores I’ve found over the last few weeks.
- Egiggle gear, toys, clothes
- Pacifier clothes, furniture
- Kid onyc educational toys, furniture
- Baby Cz for clothes
- Modern Child furniture, books
- Dwell baby bedding
- Ipod baby shirts
- Babylegs legwarmers for babies - so cute
- Phil & Teds Beyond Bugaboo
- Sparkability cool kids gear, toys

So that’s it - most is fairly pricey - but often great places to go for ideas - then check to see if they have the product’s on Amazon ;) Speaking of which, check out - Oliver’s Wishlist

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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Papa & OI couldn’t figure out which of these pics to blog - I love them both so much - so what the hell - two updates in one day. This was Oliver in his fave spot - on the big bed with his Papa. I think he likes it so much as we can lay down with him and coo and cuddle - max affection/attention time. What’s not to love?

So what’s new in the land of O?
Well… wait for it… rolling over! From his back to his tummy - Oliver accomplishes the roll with aplomb. First attempt saw the hands trapped to his side as he kinda rolled on to them, but it wasn’t long before he sussed that out. Now he rolls over and then props himself up on his elbows. Yeah I know - and he’s *only* 5 and a half months old. Genius.
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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Got me!There’s been a lot of this in our house recently. O having a wail of a time screeching with all his might. We haven’t quite worked out what he’s trying to say. On Sunday it seemed to be hungry/overtired - a big bowl of rice cereal seemed to do the trick to calm him down. But this morning? I have no idea… He was well-rested, he was well-fed - I can only surmise that it was a simple case of over-exuberance - and who can begrudge him that??
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