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Friday, April 29, 2005

End of a long week

I can’t quite decide whether the week’s are flying by or dragging - this week seems to have gone on for a long while, but has been so intensely packed that I’m barely keeping track!

Work - Contender coming up towards the finale, trying to find the right new hire.
Home - Looking for a tenant for the current house, looking at paint samples, starting landscaping, feeling the clock ticking on our house.
Baby - Keeping healthy, keeping hydrated, but feeling pretty zen on the baby front.

Highlight of the week
The ultrasound. I feel tremendously relieved to know that the little fella has assumed the position so to speak. His head is down, his back curves up my right side with his feet and hands pointing left, which is why Steven and I always feel him kicking on that side. I love feeling him move - even when at times he can give a hefty kick that will make me cry out - more from surprise than it hurting or anything - but it’s like - whoa there!! Sometimes I have a Pepsi - just to get him going a bit. Works a treat everytime.

Moments of Clarity
A couple of days ago I realised - hmm - there is someone inside me, kind of keen to get out. Which led to my next thought - uh oh - and he has to come out someplace. Every woman in the room cross your legs. Yuh. That was a little sobering I have to say. Generally though I don’t feel panicky or nervous or afraid, I pray for both of us to emerge healthy, but apart from that I feel relatively sanguine about the prospect of birth. Talk to me again after we’ve been to the classes, I may not be so relaxed.

Tic tic tic
We have 7 weeks to go, roughly speaking. Still no firm ideas on names. I’ve suggested to Steven we think of men we have admired in our lives, be it people we know, or actors, writers, composers, musicians. Part of me knows we will pick a name just because we like the sound of it, but part of me would like to see if there’s anything inspirational we’re missing…

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Papa’s first Blog

I’d like to dedicate my first Blog entry to my brave and lovely wife Sal. For each of the 32 weeks of her pregnancy, Sal has been a rock star. She has endured discomfort, nausea, exhaustion, a house-renovation, and especially damaging: light-deprivation in our very dark rental house. However, all the while she has been a great partner, a wonderful wife, and a stellar mum-to-be. She has taken great care of herself, and of our fast-growing soon-to-be-born son. I know this because each doctor visit is flooded with descriptions of the little guy as “big”, “strong”, “healthy”. In a world filled with hyperbole, these simple adjectives have profound meaning to me. Of course, the word “big” has a slightly unsettling meaning to Sal….but that will be addressed in more detail closer to the due date :)

I know many of you have questions, so let me get them out of the way:

MY FAVORITE MOMENTS: Each night when we climb into bed, he’ll “wake up” and start kicking. As we lay our hands on Sal’s gorgeous belly, he starts to kick, roll, and move about with vigor. I always fall asleep with a smile on my face – happy to be alive and excited about the journey ahead.

MY FAVORITE NAMES: I’m not telling :)

MY EDUCATION: I too am reading some books on how to raise sons. I catch myself noticing fathers and sons in public and I remember many of my wonderful childhood memories with my father. I can’t wait to watch him grow – and see how I grow as a man in the process.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: He already has a baby-size Boston Red Sox cap awaiting him. Some say that you have to be a romantic to be a Red Sox fan, and I hope that he inherits that trait from his father…and his grandfather.

Today’s visit to the doctor was great. All tests continue to show a very strong and healthy young boy. I’m sure I’ll be gazing at the ultrasound photos later tonight with a grin on my face. Then I will look at my lovely wife and thank God she is healthy, happy, and my partner in this wonderful thing called life.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

State of the Nation

So this is our blog where we will share what’s new in our lives - new photos, new thoughts, new experiences…

Where are we now?

We’ve been renovating our house for the last 7 months, pretty much the same amount of time that I’ve been pregnant. It’s been a great creative experience that we have both enjoyed - the only drag has been living in this rental house which hasn’t been the most comfortable of places for a pregnant woman. And of course it’s been the rainiest winter on record.

But these last few weeks the sun has been shining, Dad and Esther came to visit and now Steven’s mom is here now. My mom will be out in a little over two months for the birth of the baby. It has been wonderful having family around. I miss them, all the time. We are so fortunate to have such good relationships with our families, especially now as we approach beginning to create our own.

Some thoughts on the pregnancy. It hasn’t been the easist of times, but in different ways than I expected. I haven’s been at all botherd by my body changing - I’ve enjoyed my new shape. i haven’t had many cravings - a sweeter tooth is the main thing. Nothing too weird - no pilchards with kiwis. The morning sickness was very hard, I was queasy for about 2 months, it’s much worse than they tell you. But when it’s over, you’re fine. Now I have some discomfort, but I count myself very lucky.

I’m looking forward to this child. Now I feel him moving around he feels so much more real.

Who will you be? What will your personality be like? I can’t wait to introduce you to trees, birds, the sky, the ocean, new tastes and smells and sensations for the first time. I would wish only that you be healthy and happy and kind to others. use your mind wisely and give your heart with generosity.

I feel my awareness shifting from the pregnancy, to the baby, to this new individual about to join our lives. Steven and I have started reading various books on the subject of raising boys.. He is excited - so looking forward to sharing new experiences and learning together. I see a new side to him emerging, fatherhood becomes him. He never ceases to amaze me.

Initial learnings from “raising boys” - I feel I need to make notes - this boy thing is so new!

- 0 - 6 its all about Mom - warmth, love, contact, support
- 6 - 10 - Dad starts coming much mroe into focus - boys start to look to their fathers - this is the time Dads have most opportunity to connect with and teach their sons
10 - 14 - boys start looking to other mentors - male adult peers as they transition to adulthood
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