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Friday, October 28, 2005

Sleep Training Day 3

6.45pm Home alone, just put him down. Steven’s gone out to get sushi. Oliver didn’t seem exactly ready for slumberland I must say - as I was reading to him he was distracted - overtired I suspect - as it had been a day of interruptions. We stuck to the routine and put him down awake, there have been a few whimperings - coughy moany sounds, but that’s been about it.

6.50pm - Stevens home - thank god! Still no real crying… All quiet… Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

I spoke too soon. We had about 20 minutes of out and out screaming until he finally quietened down and fell asleep at 7.30pm. Wow - that was hard - it’s an absolutely unbearable sound. Thank you Jon Stewart for helping us through it! We have a few more days to go I think until we crack this.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sleep Training Day 2

6.36 am - we’re 10 minutes in. Banished once more to the studio… I feel more relaxed than yesterday - today I came home early (Bianca leaves early) so we had some quality time.
Bathed him, fed him, had some cuddles - it’s all about the four Bs -
Bath, Boob, Book & Bed!! Baby O - yowser - Steven called me in. Little Bear is down for the count! Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s true! Hopefully this will last and tomorrow will be better yet. I was so dreading the worst having heard that the second night can be the hardest. But he seems to have got it. We’ll see how we go - but it’s all about the schedule now. 6.30pm - off to Slumberland my friend!

Now - if we can only get him to sleep straight through til past 5am we’ll be all set…

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sleep Training Day 1

Sleep training. Parental torture. Call it what you will. Here I am sitting in our studio, banished from the main house. It sounds harsh but it has to be - else I would have caved at the first whimper. By all accounts, according to my brave husband, Oliver is not happy and is crying his little heart out. He is fed, his diaper is clean, but it’s time to go to sleep and he just wants his Mama. No stroller gently rocking him to sleep, but bath, feed, some nuzzling, story and then to bed. Cold turkey. Steven is heroic.

7.24pm - he went down at 6.30pm. I’m dying here and I can’t even hear him.

It had to be done though, he’s started getting fussy at his night time feedings. Feeding ok, falling asleep in my arms, but then waking up and fussing as soon as I put him down. After two nights of this we are both desperately tired. We can’t have him getting used to being rocked to sleep at 3am, something had to give. So here it is. Hardest few nights of our lives so far. Which I guess makes us extraordinarily lucky.

8pm - an hour and a half of yelling and our little man was done. When I gave him his dream feed at 9am you could still feel the dampness on his back from the sweat he’d worked up! I would have so caved!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Or Not

So - perhaps it can be said we were a tad premature in celebrating Oliver’s first sleep-through. Last night, Friday night, emboldened as we were with our first successful all-nighter, we decided to try and put Dr Stern’s advice into action and experiment with seeing if Oliver could put himself to sleep. Up until this point, I have to admit, dear reader, that we have been putting him to sleep without fail by rocking the stroller back and forth. We only do this to get him off to sleep initially before transplanting him to his crib - small comfort I know. So we did, as instructed, he’d had his bath, I’d read him a story - soft lighting - lots of quiet - and down he went. I closed the door, and tried to relax. Steven had a friend over, himself a new father, so we were in good company. However it wasn’t long before the moanings and yelps turned to full scale cries, and Mike, Steven’s friend diplomatically offered to get an earlier cab to the airport. I think i lasted 5 minutes before going into him. as it turns out he was still hungry, so a small feed, some stroller rocking and he was down for the count. Unfortunatly it wasn’t a big lengthy sleep and he awoke at 12, 1 and 3 - ugh. Next day I was not feeling too chipper. Oliver 1, parents 0.
Today was our second try. It was a big day to begin with. Oliver - string bean that he is, has outgrown his carseat and thus his stroller (snap and go) too. The snap and go has served us well, but its time has come and gone. and yes, I gave in. Gave in to celebrity peer-pressure and we got ourseleves a Bugaboo - as i told Steven - it does include a bassinet and will last from 0 - 4 years! Some compensation for the extreme sticker shock. It is handsome though I must say!
Again we tried, soft lights, nice feed, time for bed murmurings - my mother is going to find all of this hilarious I have no doubt. We put him down and the yelps turned to cries and within 5 minutes (or less I kid you not0 I had capitulated and was in tears myself. In the (new) stroller he went to be rocked to sleep. I am a bad parent. But truthfully - I think deep down I don’t see what is wrong with this method of getting our wee one to sleep - it works doesn’t it?? I know we’re making a rough bed to lie in and I know a few days of pain now will save us a world of pain later, but ack - I can’t quite do it just yet. Help! Anyone any stories on how they went through this - click on the 0 comments link below and help!! If I was on a reality show I would have no sympathy.


Friday, October 21, 2005


Little bear slept through the WHOLE NIGHT last night - that’s right people - from 10pm through to 5am - and then only stirred as his Mama’s boobs were killing her! Could this be a major breakthough? Has our little man done the sleep-through all on his own without a concerted effort fom his parents? Or is it all just a cruel tantalising glimpse of what could-be, but what is still several sleepy weeks away? Stay tuned my friends…


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tales from the Trenches

From a friend, who shall remain nameless, or not, OK it’s Rusty:

My weekend was a little different than yours.

10 inches of rain during the week – but the 4 more inches we got on Friday pushed about 3 feet of water into our basement after the sump pump tanked. Series of events starting Saturday at 10 am were a blur, but included:

* Hooking a 2ndary pump to a garden hose, which brought us to equilibrium with the incoming water

* Learning what a run on a bank must look like when I went to Home Depot to buy a pump and saw the last 5 of them walking out the door with other, more relieved, floodees than myself

* Borrowing a pump from a neighbor, which put us in the plus category with the incoming water

* Having the fire department help me do a McGyver on my busted pump and manage to get it up and running as our third difference-making pump

* Learning that, through it all, the only things lost to the flood were a couple of old ball mitts and a stuffed snowman

* Finding, in the aftermath of the Big Drain, a crayfish on the lawn that must’ve been in the basement

* Doing a show and tell with the crayfish to Livvy and CoCo, who then adopted it, named it Manny and put it in a bowl with some rocks after Jillie saw on the web that they make good pets

* Getting up on Sunday morning to discover that Manny had somehow managed to flee the coop and was loose in the house

* Learning to live with the fact that Manny remains unaccounted for…

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

4 Months - Vital Stats

Yesterday was O’s 4 month check up and next round of shots. So here’s the latest:

- 14lbs, 9oz
- 26 and (a half - as Steven keeps reminding me) inches long

Our little bear is still a string bean - apparently he’s at the 40th percentile in terms of weight, but at the 90th in terms of height - go figure! I’m taking all the credit on this one! My brother Tim is a tall man so I guess the tall genes made it through. The one Taylor legacy!

He was very brave during the vaccinations - yowled like I have never heard him before - it broke my heart. Nursing soothed him quite quickly though - we were so proud. That night was another story - we had to resort to the infant Tylenol - poor wee lamb was not happy at all. This morning sees him back to his cheery self - what a relief. Our love for him grows everyday, boundless, endless. I am inordinately happy.


Monday, October 17, 2005


YosemiteOur trip to Yosemite was spectacular. I was dreading it in the worst way - knowing that Claudette, Steven, Oliver and I would all be in one room I was anticipating a sleepless few nights and exhausted days. And there was some of that - O was valiantly resisting the snuffles too - just to make life interesting. However in the end we had a wonderful time that brought us closer together as a family. Oliver hadn’t had a chance to really have his grandmother all to himself and they got such a lot out of it - it really was a special time.
The park was stunning - quite breathtaking and I feel fortunate to have seen it in the Fall. I never really realised the park was in a valley surrounded by those glorious cliffs, or that it was such a destination for photographers, Ansel Adams included. So I was inspired - I only took the digital eos Canon with me to force myself to learn how to use it - I’ve gotten lazy with the Elph. I think we got some good shots - especially at the wedding.
The wedding was divine, Charlene looked stunning and we so enjoyed meeting more of their friends. The fact that it was in the Awahnee as well was super convenient - meaning we could dash upstairs to pump or nurse when needed. The Awahnee is stunning - what a treat to be in that amount of luxury in the middle of the wilderness!

18th October, 2005
more photos…


Thursday, October 13, 2005

On the Road

My first moblog entry.
We’re en route to Yosemite, two pit stops in for feedings, diaper changes and general seeing tos and baby O is fast asleep. Having caught my cold, altho thankfully a milder version, he’s had a rough couple of nights. Let’s hope these few days away are what we all need to revive.
I’m excited to visit yosemite too.
18th October, 2005
more photos…

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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Where the hell are we? This place is a barren wilderness of agricultural plantations - almond trees I think - and trailer homes. Claudette is knitting in the front seat, Steven is talking about Democratic hopes for leveraging online in 200c and i’m on my Treo, blogging - how the world is changing…


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