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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa meet Oliver

Santa meet Oliver
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It was a big day! An outrageous trip down Candy Cane Lane - a crazy St in El Seguendo with insane Xmas displays. Was so worth the trip - thanks to Brian and Cerentha for the tip! Ended up being an extremely late night for Oliver - past 8pm - heavens!!
Everyone is getting very excited about the upcoming festivities - we got the tree and we’re all decorated. Still got to make the mince pies tho. And brown packages just keep arriving. Poor wee man is going to be spoilt silly.

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Rough with the smooth

Well it’s been a tough old time of late, but there is always a silver lining to the most trying of days and that’s what keeps us smiling - right?

Dad went in to hospital on the Friday after Thanksgiving to have his toe operated on - diabetic ulcer of all things. I say of all things - but it should come as no surprise really as he has had one before - but I never really knew the cause. Thankfully they were able to operate and even tho he did lose a part of the toe, it wasn’t as much as feared. He is now though - a diabetic, not pre-diabetic. So some real changes will have to take place with diet etc to help him manage. The Drs say he can go home on Monday which is such a relief to everyone, especially Esther who I think has missed him and worried terribly.

Mom came over for Thanksgiving which was wonderful. It was the first time she has seen Oliver since we were in the UK over a year ago. So of course he has changed - now he is a little person, no longer a wee baby. Altho always a wee one to me. Unfortunately Oliver had a bit of a fever and wasn’t right all weekend - really needy especially with Steven. It has been a cold snap so I think everyone has been fighting off some bug or other. But that was hard, as his Mama I wasn’t the one he wanted. Had to take a deep breath on that. I guess it’s inevitable - 6 months pregnant I’m not going to be the one throwing him around the garden and being a lot of fun, whereas Steven really is super-Dad with seemingly inexhaustible reserves of energy and patience. But it was a bit of an eye-opener. I kept remembering the old saying - you only get out of things what you put in - and nowhere is that more true than with kids.

Work-wise this last week had some highs and distinct, well, if not lows, then certainly challenging times. We launched the new version of the site, Yahoo! TV - not everyone is pleased with some of the changes we’ve made, and we had some techical issues on the day of launch. So we’re working hard to respond as quickly as possible. Onward and upward, improve iterate, improve, iterate.

On a brighter note, this last weekend though was, I think Steven would agree, one of our best ever with Oliver. He was in such fine spirits, slept well, eating well, we had a lovely time. I cooked a bunch today - made the rice pudding recipe from my childhood and scones would you believe. Don’t think I’ve quite got the recipe right there but it’s a work in progress.

The words are coming fast and furious now, his comprehension really amazes me - as I’m sure it does every new parent. We now have “ca” car, “ba” ball, “wawa” water, “doh” dog and baba “bottle” - as well as mama and papa. Today I asked him to put his shoes in his room and he did! I was quite astonished, 17 months, it’s incredible to me. He really is a joy.

The pregnancy is going really well. Feeling so much better and my energy levels are improving. Still no name, but a tentative short-list is emerging. I’m starting to feel excited about how Oliver and she will interact - I think it’s going to be fun! Crazy, exhausting, chaotic fun.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Good Day

Book timeToday was one of those really good days.

Weekends can be exhausting right now. Oliver is full of energy and I, well, I’m not. So it can end up being somewhat of an endurance test. I mean, this pregnancy is going OK - better than the last. But there is still the usual tiredness, indigestion (which really kills me) and just that sense of feeling overwhemled.

Today however, was fantasic. It started off with Oliver taking a good long nap in the morning (always a plus!) - I went shopping - Steven stayed home to watch Oliver. I found two dresses for upcoming holiday festivities - thank heaven’s for the current trend in empire waists! I don’t shop for clothes often, but when I do, it’s always Anthrpologie, it always costs me a bucket and it’s always just perfect.

Claudette then came over to spend the afternoon with us. It’s so wonderful seeing close relatives who really love your children connecting with them. Friends it’s the same deal. It just simply makes me very happy. Oliver totally knows her now, his Meme, and is at an age when they can really start to have fun - playing with the ball outside and with the cardboard box inside. Yes the box, now which has now become a permanent feature - am amazed it’s lasted this long!

Oliver is really blossoming - still just a few choice words, no torrent of language just yet - baba - for bottle. Doh for dog. He’s quite the little boy - it’s amazing to see certain toys or books, that two weeks ago he didn’t really “get”, but that now he is really enjoying. How to drag the Busy Bee along (thanks Miranda!) or how to kick a ball. These small cognitive leaps never cease to delight me.

So a good day, a day to take a moment and realise that life, well, it’s pretty damn good.
18th November, 2006
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh what have we done?!

Oliver has discovered Flickr. I don’t know whether to recommend this to other parents or not, as the tricky thing is tearing your child away from the computer once he’s got the idea. Ha! And we hought holding off on the TV was allw e had to worry about!

So proceed at your peril - but if you’re determined, here’s what you do.
Go to Flickr and create a slideshow from tags - basically find a photo you like, click on the most representative tag, then you can view by most interesting as a slideshow. Or, easier, just copy this url and edit the keyword as you see fit: eg “tiger” in this example:
Now watch two hours vanish before your eyes!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Words alone…

Behold! The birth of language. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but Oliver seems to be on the verge of really grasping that he can not only understand words, but use them as well.

This week saw “Doh” repeatedly used when pointing at his picture of dogs that is on his wall. This is the current fave and seems to be sticking - the real test will be if he starts using it on the real thing next time we’re at the park. Also “baba” for bottle - or drink of any kind seems to be emerging, as does “bebe” for pictures of babies. This will be especially useful when it comes to introducing his new sister! So all very exciting. It’s just going to be such an extraordinary development once he can actually communicate with us.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby girl

Baby girlIt’s truly amamzing the images you can get from the ultrasounds no - unbelievable clarity that actually starts to give you a sense of a real person growing inside of you. What did you do today? Oh - I worked on fingers and toes… You? ;-)
10th October, 2006
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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Oliver takes control

Oliver takes controlOnce behind the wheel it’s almost impossible to tear him away! Oliver W took this pic who was over visiting from Oz for a few days. He and little man got on like a house on fire and it was just so great to have him stay. Oliver - we miss you already - the house doesn’t seem the same without you!

In other news - I was in NY this last week doing a bit of a roadshow for YTV with Karin. It was a very productive trip - but exhausting too. Was the longest time I’ve been away from my boys and I missed them so much. I’m glad I went though and it was a good experience all round - let’s hope we get some results! Meme stayed to help Steven at home, it was so wonderful to hear her talking about her adventures with Oliver - for them to have that time together. She’s a rockstar.

Today we’re off to the LA County Fair - look out! I’m sure there will be good pics to come. Oliver is having a good long nap which bodes well for a fun afternoon! Woo hoo!

Another ultrasound next week - this time the 3d one - which always spooks me out a bit - Oliver looked so weird on his. I’ll post a pic if it’s not too disconcerting.

Later! And hi to all the Aussies reading this. Oliver visiting made me miss you guys all so much. Can’t wait for the kids to grow a bit and get back to Oz for a beach vacation!!
30th September, 2006
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

15 month check up

WinsomeAll went well at this visit. Our little man was extraordinarily brave and calm. Amazing what a solid lunch and the right amounts of naps can achieve! He had his shots for chicken pox and polio and is now 34″ long and weighs 25lbs. Dr Stern still looks at us amazed as to where this height comes from - my bet is on my mother’s side of the family - my uncle John is over 6′ something. let’s hope he keeps it up!

Tough week this one was. Work is crazy. I’ve had a nasty cold for what seems like an eternity - I had hoped Oliver and Steven would escape. But it’s Saturday now, I’m much better, but Oliver is looking beleagured and Steven has started to sniffle. This does not bode well. Hopefully they will both fare much better than I - who seems to have the constitution of a gnat.

The baby is doing well - lots of nesting going on with the mother. New crib for Oliver - the trendy Oeuf. It’s a lot smaller than the other crib and works heaps better in his small room. Househunting not going anywhere really - I think we’ll stay put at this rate. I love this house.
16th September, 2006
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


It was a Tuesday, 12.32pm, 7lb, 3oz, 21 inches.


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Turning the corner

Four months into this second pregnancy and I’m finally starting to turn the corner.
No more fading at four o’clock - scouring the halls in search of something to eat to keep me going until dinner time. I have more energy, I even cooked tonight. It’s a whole new day.

Last week was the four month ultrasound. We found out we’re expecting… wait for it … a girl! Woo hoo! I hadn’t dared hope for anything - but - ok I’ll admit it - secretly I was hoping for a girl - I think all mothers do at some point. What joy! I like to think we would have experienced the same feeling of delight no matter what gender our future bundle was going to be, but the fact that it is a girl, well we were mighty chuffed is all I can say. So no repurposing Oliver’s clothes, or even toys to some extent - already she has received the most adorable embrodered dress from her Auntie Michelle - this little one doesn’t know how lucky she is going to be - surrounded by all these yummy boy cousins. On a more serious note, the fact that I’m older means a battery of tests and whatnot, which is a little scary. I feel good about the decisions we are making though, however difficult they may be.

We’ve been continuing to look at houses - we decided to pass on the place I mentioned before. It was a Gregory Ain house - and stunning though it was - or rather had the potential to be - it would have required a lot of work to get to a point very similar to where we are today. So unless something spectacular comes up, we’re staying put for now. Interest rates are too crazy to do anything else, and with everyone saying the market is slowing, there are just too many variables for us to make the move right now.

And Oliver, our scrummy little bear. He is dancing - very determinedly - I don’t think he has quite absorbed the freeing nature of dance, but dance he does, with diligence. He continues to grow like a weed and is a sturdy, but skinny little boy. Sleeping through the night - he now goes down at 7pm and wakes at 6.15am on the dot every morning. No new words yet - beyond “dight” for light and Mama and Dada. Although he does recognise and understand a great deal - just still geting his head around how to say it back to you. I can’t wait for that penny to drop - what a whole new adventure that will be. He’s a joy, full of sun and smiles - but going through some separation anxiety - it’s short lived - when we leave - and I think it will pass. Trying to think what else is new in his life, I think that’s it. Someone asked me what day he was born the other day and I couldn’t remember - curses.

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