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Sunday, June 18, 2006

1 Year

Engluland!Hard to believe that Oliver is now a year old. On the one hand, being pregnant and giving birth to him seems another world away, but remembering him as a baby feels like yesterday. He’s such a little person now, with clear opinions, likes and dislikes. Likes; yoghurt, sand, bathtime with Papa, banana, avocado, opening things he’s not supposed to, shutting doors, our bathroom! Dislikes: sitting still and having his diaper changed - any combination of those two things. It’s Fathers Day today as well - happy fathers day honey - it’s been quite a year. Hope you liked the hat ;-)
18th June, 2006
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Travel Town

Mama & OToday we went on an adventure to Travel Town - not as kitchy as it sounds, it is in fact a quite impressive collection of old steam trains. We climbed the engines, ran through the carriages, road the toy train. Awesome! It’s located in Griffith Park and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone with kids. Oliver was probably a bit too youg, but I have to say I had to restrain myself in the gift shop with all the Thomas the Tank engine gear! Enjoy these pics - there are some beauties!
11th June, 2006
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