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Saturday, September 16, 2006

15 month check up

WinsomeAll went well at this visit. Our little man was extraordinarily brave and calm. Amazing what a solid lunch and the right amounts of naps can achieve! He had his shots for chicken pox and polio and is now 34″ long and weighs 25lbs. Dr Stern still looks at us amazed as to where this height comes from - my bet is on my mother’s side of the family - my uncle John is over 6′ something. let’s hope he keeps it up!

Tough week this one was. Work is crazy. I’ve had a nasty cold for what seems like an eternity - I had hoped Oliver and Steven would escape. But it’s Saturday now, I’m much better, but Oliver is looking beleagured and Steven has started to sniffle. This does not bode well. Hopefully they will both fare much better than I - who seems to have the constitution of a gnat.

The baby is doing well - lots of nesting going on with the mother. New crib for Oliver - the trendy Oeuf. It’s a lot smaller than the other crib and works heaps better in his small room. Househunting not going anywhere really - I think we’ll stay put at this rate. I love this house.
16th September, 2006
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


It was a Tuesday, 12.32pm, 7lb, 3oz, 21 inches.


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Turning the corner

Four months into this second pregnancy and I’m finally starting to turn the corner.
No more fading at four o’clock - scouring the halls in search of something to eat to keep me going until dinner time. I have more energy, I even cooked tonight. It’s a whole new day.

Last week was the four month ultrasound. We found out we’re expecting… wait for it … a girl! Woo hoo! I hadn’t dared hope for anything - but - ok I’ll admit it - secretly I was hoping for a girl - I think all mothers do at some point. What joy! I like to think we would have experienced the same feeling of delight no matter what gender our future bundle was going to be, but the fact that it is a girl, well we were mighty chuffed is all I can say. So no repurposing Oliver’s clothes, or even toys to some extent - already she has received the most adorable embrodered dress from her Auntie Michelle - this little one doesn’t know how lucky she is going to be - surrounded by all these yummy boy cousins. On a more serious note, the fact that I’m older means a battery of tests and whatnot, which is a little scary. I feel good about the decisions we are making though, however difficult they may be.

We’ve been continuing to look at houses - we decided to pass on the place I mentioned before. It was a Gregory Ain house - and stunning though it was - or rather had the potential to be - it would have required a lot of work to get to a point very similar to where we are today. So unless something spectacular comes up, we’re staying put for now. Interest rates are too crazy to do anything else, and with everyone saying the market is slowing, there are just too many variables for us to make the move right now.

And Oliver, our scrummy little bear. He is dancing - very determinedly - I don’t think he has quite absorbed the freeing nature of dance, but dance he does, with diligence. He continues to grow like a weed and is a sturdy, but skinny little boy. Sleeping through the night - he now goes down at 7pm and wakes at 6.15am on the dot every morning. No new words yet - beyond “dight” for light and Mama and Dada. Although he does recognise and understand a great deal - just still geting his head around how to say it back to you. I can’t wait for that penny to drop - what a whole new adventure that will be. He’s a joy, full of sun and smiles - but going through some separation anxiety - it’s short lived - when we leave - and I think it will pass. Trying to think what else is new in his life, I think that’s it. Someone asked me what day he was born the other day and I couldn’t remember - curses.

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