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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh what have we done?!

Oliver has discovered Flickr. I don’t know whether to recommend this to other parents or not, as the tricky thing is tearing your child away from the computer once he’s got the idea. Ha! And we hought holding off on the TV was allw e had to worry about!

So proceed at your peril - but if you’re determined, here’s what you do.
Go to Flickr and create a slideshow from tags - basically find a photo you like, click on the most representative tag, then you can view by most interesting as a slideshow. Or, easier, just copy this url and edit the keyword as you see fit: eg “tiger” in this example:
Now watch two hours vanish before your eyes!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Words alone…

Behold! The birth of language. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but Oliver seems to be on the verge of really grasping that he can not only understand words, but use them as well.

This week saw “Doh” repeatedly used when pointing at his picture of dogs that is on his wall. This is the current fave and seems to be sticking - the real test will be if he starts using it on the real thing next time we’re at the park. Also “baba” for bottle - or drink of any kind seems to be emerging, as does “bebe” for pictures of babies. This will be especially useful when it comes to introducing his new sister! So all very exciting. It’s just going to be such an extraordinary development once he can actually communicate with us.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby girl

Baby girlIt’s truly amamzing the images you can get from the ultrasounds no - unbelievable clarity that actually starts to give you a sense of a real person growing inside of you. What did you do today? Oh - I worked on fingers and toes… You? ;-)
10th October, 2006
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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Oliver takes control

Oliver takes controlOnce behind the wheel it’s almost impossible to tear him away! Oliver W took this pic who was over visiting from Oz for a few days. He and little man got on like a house on fire and it was just so great to have him stay. Oliver - we miss you already - the house doesn’t seem the same without you!

In other news - I was in NY this last week doing a bit of a roadshow for YTV with Karin. It was a very productive trip - but exhausting too. Was the longest time I’ve been away from my boys and I missed them so much. I’m glad I went though and it was a good experience all round - let’s hope we get some results! Meme stayed to help Steven at home, it was so wonderful to hear her talking about her adventures with Oliver - for them to have that time together. She’s a rockstar.

Today we’re off to the LA County Fair - look out! I’m sure there will be good pics to come. Oliver is having a good long nap which bodes well for a fun afternoon! Woo hoo!

Another ultrasound next week - this time the 3d one - which always spooks me out a bit - Oliver looked so weird on his. I’ll post a pic if it’s not too disconcerting.

Later! And hi to all the Aussies reading this. Oliver visiting made me miss you guys all so much. Can’t wait for the kids to grow a bit and get back to Oz for a beach vacation!!
30th September, 2006
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