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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Good Day

Book timeToday was one of those really good days.

Weekends can be exhausting right now. Oliver is full of energy and I, well, I’m not. So it can end up being somewhat of an endurance test. I mean, this pregnancy is going OK - better than the last. But there is still the usual tiredness, indigestion (which really kills me) and just that sense of feeling overwhemled.

Today however, was fantasic. It started off with Oliver taking a good long nap in the morning (always a plus!) - I went shopping - Steven stayed home to watch Oliver. I found two dresses for upcoming holiday festivities - thank heaven’s for the current trend in empire waists! I don’t shop for clothes often, but when I do, it’s always Anthrpologie, it always costs me a bucket and it’s always just perfect.

Claudette then came over to spend the afternoon with us. It’s so wonderful seeing close relatives who really love your children connecting with them. Friends it’s the same deal. It just simply makes me very happy. Oliver totally knows her now, his Meme, and is at an age when they can really start to have fun - playing with the ball outside and with the cardboard box inside. Yes the box, now which has now become a permanent feature - am amazed it’s lasted this long!

Oliver is really blossoming - still just a few choice words, no torrent of language just yet - baba - for bottle. Doh for dog. He’s quite the little boy - it’s amazing to see certain toys or books, that two weeks ago he didn’t really “get”, but that now he is really enjoying. How to drag the Busy Bee along (thanks Miranda!) or how to kick a ball. These small cognitive leaps never cease to delight me.

So a good day, a day to take a moment and realise that life, well, it’s pretty damn good.
18th November, 2006
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