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Monday, January 29, 2007


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After a morning spent at the hospital - getting sorted and getting acquainted - we made our way home. Spent a great deal of time with Oliver - making sure this was a good day for him. Bianca and Mom were fantastic. We are so lucky to have such support - only sad that Mom has to go back this week already. It’s all a little overwhelming - but we’ll take it day by day. Oli and I still have some kind of stomach flu which is an extra worry - but am sure if there was not that there would be somethng else making this new Mama fret.

Lola is a dreamboat, we already head over heels in love. Oliver was quite intrigued to meet her. I can’t wait to see their new relationship unfold. He peered into the crib - popped back to see Mama nursing. I suspect he views Lola as a small animal - not really aware she is a new member of the family just yet. I think he’s just glad that we’re home.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lola Acadia Taylor Kydd

So yesterday was quite a day! Woke up finally over the stomach flu - thank goodness - feeling 100 percent better but with a vague awareness of contractions just kicking in. They continued at pretty regular 10 minute intervals throughout the morning as we deliberated on whether to call the Dr or not. I felt my waters had ruptured somewhat if not completely so we eventually decided to call and Dr Vogel asked us to come in to be on the safe side. Oliver has still not gotten over his ear infection and has been vomiting at bedtime also. We called in Bianca who was going to come in and relieve Mom so she could join us for the birth. Poor Oliver his routine is all over the place and I think with feeling unwell he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself.

We got into the hospital at 3pm - contractions still coming along - but lessening in intensity. At 4.30pm Vogel broke the waters, I was 3cm dilated as opposed to the 1cm at yesterday’s check up - so we started on the Pitocin and things really started to move. Contractions were increasing in intensity - this wee one was determined to come on her Papa’s birthday! By 6.15pm I was dying for an epidural - the contractions were becoming unbearable but the aneasthetist had been called in to a c-section so we had to hold on. I don’t remember them getting that intense with Oliver - I think we got the epidural a bit sooner and it wasn’t as strong. This one we finally got in at 6.35pm and it was a strong one. I suspect that as I had been in so much pain they really upped the dose - couldn’t feel a thing even though the contractions were getting really strong at that point. I’ll never forget the feeling of relief! Johnny Cash was playing on the stereo and I felt really relaxed and good at this point. By 7 I was 7 cm dilated - things were picking up and the pitocin was doing its job. Our nurse - Ursula came on duty to replace Meesha. Both of them were so fantastic. Ursula is a Brit so Mom connected with her straight away and they were chatting about where they’d trained at and the state of the NHS today. Pretty bloody awful by all accounts. 8.45pm Vogel called in and was on her way. I was pretty much completely dilated at that point at +2 station and they felt it wouldn’t be long to go. So weird to know your body was working so hard and yet you really couldn’t feel a thing. Billy Bragg came on the iPod - another great man of the people to welcome our girl into the world - aptly enough “I’m not looking for a New England” hahaha!

Here’s where things got freaky. 9.15 Dr Vogel walks in - checks my cervix and says I think we’re ready to push. I pushed 3 times and she was born! Totally amazing experience. I expected an hour of pushing - which is what I believe happened with Oliver. But with Lola - she was ready to come and join the world. One push and she crowned, next push her head came out, third she was all out. we were all a little in shock!!

I felt great too - really full of energy - no tears or anything - all in one piece. She is an adorable bundle - tousled mop of dark hair, dark blue eyes, and her lip when she was born had a little curl in it. She immediately had her eyes open and was checking out the room, me, her Papa and Granny. I started nibbling on some fruit and Steven took her down to the nursery for bathing and weighing. She didn’t latch on immediately - I think she too was a little surprised to be out in the world so quickly.

It’s funny with such an easy birth and it happening so early at night you’d think everyone would get a good night’s sleep - I wish! I think I was up til 4am - just all buzzed from the experience. And she fed at 3am which was a relief to get that moving.

Now it’s 3pm the following day, I feel coccooned here in the hospital. Just enjoying some delicious nibbles Steven picked up from the deli, getting to know our new family member and relaxing. It’s such a precious time. i miss Oliver though. Bianca and mom are looking after him at home, but he can’t come in as he has an ear infection and has been sick. I so want to be with him, but we will stay on here tonight and hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow. He’ll have another 24hours to kick this thing before he has to deal with this interloper, his new sister. I can’t wait to see how that goes - how they interact. I’m anxious about it too, mostly as he has been unwell, I so want him to be better this thing has draaged on for an age it seems.

Nursed more at 11am. She’s doing well. Pooing and peeing as she should. All ten fingers and toes in place.

Well here you are baby girl. 6lbs on the dot, 18 and a quarter inches. You have an air of mystery about you and are curious and attentive to your new world. You are a joy and a wonder and we can’t wait to get to know you.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Steven’s birthday started off on a good note - contractions at 7am. Now coming every 6 mins or so. Was hard to tell at first as we have had some stomach flu this week. But now pretty certain. More later.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bridges Makes History

Dad called me this morning asking what was Dick’s last name - that would be Dick Bridges - Steven’s uncle from Deer Isle - the lobsterman - and now - chowder afficionado to boot if the New York Times is to be believed! Congratulations Dick - what a great story

Friday, January 12, 2007

Things are movin!

Lot going on in the Taylor-Kydd household this week. I’ve been sick as a dog. First Loring had it, then Bianca, then me. Nasty dry cough that doesn’t seem to want to let go. Los Angeles is having a cold snap at the moment and the Santa Ana winds make the air so dry you feel parched all night.
Oliver is also sick now. We took him to the Drs pretty smartish this time as I was worried he would have the same thing - but he has in fact an ear infection and pink eye. Poor wee lamb - he does look in the wars. So he had his first antibiotics. Kind of a bummer - he’s managed so long without having to take any, but this time he really needs them, he’s been miserable.
Also - wait for it… 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced baby! That’s right - things are moving on the number 2 front. I just knew this one would come early. Like Oliver she is in a hurry to get out and see the world. Now 1 cm could mean any day or it could mean another two weeks. We were hoping Mom or Claudette - hopefully both - would make it out for the birth - but I can just see this little imp jumping the gun on everybody! Stay tuned!! One more week of work to go and I’m ready to call it a day. Just physically it’s all getting a bit exhausting - not that time at home is any easier - far from it - but it will be good to spend some time with Oliver before the new baby comes. Tic tic tic…

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Xmas 06

What a wonderful holiday it was. Claudette and Loring were over for the holidays and we had a fine old time together. The really great part was doing things with Michelle, Damon and the boys - be it the Aquarium, the pier to ride the carousel, or the Rose cafe. All exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable and a great opportunity for the boys to spend time together. I think Oliver still needs to spend more time with other kids, but that too will come. He is so quiet sometimes - seems like a different boy altogether.
Despite my excitement at the imminent avalanche of language, things have quietened down somewhat on that front - I think he can make himself understood quite well as it is, so there’s no real impetus right now to go the next level. Especially when he is so busy and on the go all the time.
Xmas day itself was very chilled. Oliver was overwhelmed by the gifts, but the nap happened on schedule and that was everyone’s saving grace :) Next year I think we need to limit the gifts though. It all got a bit insane. The weather was fabulous though and sipping mimosas on the Oliver’s new sand box, courtesey of Loring was a nice way to herald the holiday. I get so sentimental at this time of year - John Lennon’s Happy Xmas War Is Over gets to me every year. So much to both feel grateful for and still to hope for.

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