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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lola - Vital stats 1 mo

I’m late with this update - can’t think why - anyone would think I had my hands full or soething. She laughs ruefully as she types into her blackberry at midnight while nursing in the moonlight.

Lola is doing splendidly. She is gaining half a pound a week and as of her one month check was at 8 lbs and almost 20 inches. She is still so tiny compared to her brother - who at 29lbs and 2 ft 11′ is still tracking at 98th percentile for height.

We’ve had our first smile and she is still a wonderfully serene baby. She is now awake much of the morning and early evening and is keeping us busy.

Oliver has had a cough/cold and kept me and Mum up most of last night. Steven was out of town and it was brutal. Thankfully he seems better today. It was a double whammy as our nanny is off on a two week vacation so we’re already beat. Ack fun fun.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Pathetic as this may sound I’m tremendously pleased we’ve survived two weeks without our nanny with Momo and I holding the fort. At the end of this week we really started getting into a rhythm, I’ll be sad to see it end. I would take Oliver out in the mornings - to a class, or the park to meet friends. Then we’d all hang during the afternoon. This I could do I thouhgt. Staying at home with just myself and the kids for company I’d find a whole lot harder.
Lola continues to be a very chilled baby. She wakes two or three times in the night for nursing, and rarely cries. She is much more alert during the day now with long periods of wakefulness. She looks a lot like her brother did at this age - small beaky face peering out - mischevious look in her eyes.
Oliver is a joy. He has now learnt jumping and jumps all about the place. words continue to grow - no sentences as yet. The latest include “bidge” for bridge, bye bye, ba for bat. He knows the letter O for Oliver. His comprehension is complete now - you can talk him through most tantrums and he is generally super sweet-natured unless he is either sick or hungry.
It’s been great having Mum here, we’ve shared a couple of great weeks and she was a huge help. I think Oliver will really miss her when she goes.

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