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Monday, April 9, 2007

Nap Time

Nap time
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Here we all look half-asleep, which incidentally we were, having just woken up from our various afternoon naps. A picture of domesticity. Lola is thriving, not to sound too obsessed - but she’s sleeping more and more at night. Bliss! Oliver is more hilarious every day - trying so hard to talk, he has his own language which we of course are adapting to. I’m sure this is doing him some irreperable damage that a therapist will condemn us for in the years ahead - but if “cat” is “rara” no matter what you say, eventually you find yourself saying “Where IS the rara?”
Travel town on Sunday - Easter Sunday - deserted. Cloudy cool day. Perfect. Oliver lost his mind. Lola slept. Tough times. ;-)


Friday, April 6, 2007

Lola - 2 Months

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10lbs, 22 inches, our little girl is inching up to the 36th percentile in height, still 12th or something for weight. First three vaccinations - shots went well - some tears but she was very brave. But the biggest news - for me anyway - is that she just dropped a feeding at night - now seems to be in a rhythm of waking at 1.30am and 5.30am - bliss! Her temperament has remained the same - pretty easy going and good natured. Be interesting to see how she changes.
Really enjoying my maternity leave this time around, much more relaxed than the first time. Spending a lot of time with Oliver, parks, classes, playing in the sandpit in the yard. He is so trying to speak - now just beginning to put words together “Da Mama” “Beep beep, Car Car”. It’s coming slowly. School starts - the NewPath Monetessori - in June hopefully. He is so ready. Can’t wait to see him develop from there.
We’re enjoying the kids, our family, our friends and summer is just around the corner!

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