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Thursday, June 28, 2007


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I just love this photo!! Little Lola is now eating her rice cereal three times a day and is just a delight! She and Oliver are such a pair and Bianca is doing a great job brining them together to play together. we come home every day to the sounds of giggle and laughter, to hear wonderful stories about their adventures. AND she is sleeping pretty much through the night - Lola that is - I can’t speak for Bianca!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We’ve been so busy lately, with work, the kids, after-work work, the house, I realised last week that Steven and I really hadn’t had any time for ourselves recently. So I decided to surprise him! Saturday night we took ourseleves off for a night at the Viceroy! It felt totally decadent! We arrived at 4ish, lazed by the pool for a bit. The went to the restaurant Whist for dinner before heading out to Brian and Cernetha’s farewell party.

What a great night! Then of course we slept until 8am the next morning. Wow - sleeping the entire night through - I felt like a different person!

Oh and Cerentha and I launched our site Harry and Sal - still a few things to check out - but take a look and leave us a comment with your thoughts!


Sunday, June 24, 2007


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Lola is now eating solids can you believe it! We’ve experimented with peas, rice cereal and squash - all going well so far she is loving it! She is still such a smiley girl, wakes every morning just beaming. A delight. Check out more pics of Lola in her element!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Milestones - Sleep

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So I went to put Lola down tonight - nursed her a bit and then put her down awake - and would you believe it! She put herself to sleep. Major milestone. She is so alert and so strong. I gave her a bottle myself for the first time too today - I think it was a sign. I’m ready to stop nursing. It’s just so exhausting and I feel 5 months is a good juncture to call it a day. So this week I’ll start pumping less. It’s a big decision. If we don’t have any more children, this is it. Maybe I’ll try and do what I did last time where I’m just nursing once a day before bed - that would be ideal…

Steven is away tonight on business. Bianca working late helping me with the kids. I miss him on these days, always feels so strnge to be in the house alone.

Oliver has some new words to his repetoire - he’s repeating them all the time now “airpey” for airplane, cat is still “rara”, dog “deh”, bottle “baba”. But green means “go!” and red - well red also means go - :) - we’re getting there…

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Oliver turned two today!! Yippee! Very exciting all round. There was lots of Thomas action and the “choo choos” were a big hit. Bianca came with an easle and finger paints which also proved to be a winner - and to to it all - a plasma car which I personally can’t wait to check out.

Oliver’s languae is really exploding now - he is becoming much more confident with just trying new words and often repeats new ones immediately. It’s a joy to see it all coming together. It is so true what they say that it all starts happening when they turn two. this morning we got a “hello” instead of the usual whimpering when he woke up - heaven!!

Saturday we’re having a picnic/softball game at Will Rogers - can’t wait! Very casual, low key - fun.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Bye Bye Tooth

Oh boy oh boy - what a brutal day. Oliver tripped over at the park yesterday - front top tooth chipped and cracked. Thankfully that was the extent of it, his lip was slightly cut, but nothing too too bad. I went home from work to see him and he was in remarkably good spirits. The tooth was a worry though - it looked as though the fracture, or crack was quite tenuous. I feared the worse - the worse, to my mind being the tooth would go black. Little did I know…

So Steven took him to the dentist today. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just didn’t imagine they would actually do anything then and there. Turns out he was referred immediately to a specialist and within the hour it was determined the tooth would have to be pulled. I wasn’t there, Steven went through the whole ordeal with Oliver. My brave boys. It was fast, the staff were excellent by all accounts, but it was still brutal. I cannot even imagine.

Steven and I were both very fragile that night. My poor baby boy, I feel so terribly sad seeing him like this - his poor wee smile changed for the next five years or so. I’m sure we will get over it, and he himself of course doesn’t care a jot, but I just feel devastated and sad. But on the good side, Oliver made a quick recovery and has bounced back amazingly quickly, it’s shocking. I’m thinking of a new nickname for it - current contender “bandit”.

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