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Monday, December 31, 2007


Gorgeous Girl
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Lola has her first tooth peeking through! Not bad for 11 months!! Last few nights have been a nightmare with Lola just not getting to sleep. The kids are now sharing a room and Oliver is in his big boy bed! Well - we figured it made sense to tackle it all at once - whoever thought THAT was a good idea!?

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sante Fe

Snowy Santa Fe
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Steven and I got away for a few days the day after Christmas. I had some reservations about going, only because it is always hard to leave the kids. I don’t think you ever get used to that. We needed the break though and we were fortunate enough to have Loring and Claudette here to help with the kids. Together with Bianca I knew no-one would be pulling their hair out. Jeez - I make it sound like they are a real handful, but it’s not that, it’s just a lot of work for anyone.

Santa Fe was magical. We stayed at the Inn of the Anasazi which was wonderful, open log fires and Southwestern decor. Our room was a bit chilly so they upgraded us - what a treat! If you haven’t been to Santa Fe I strongly recommend it for a romantic getaway - although it was cold!! The second day we were there it snowed like crazy which was the icing on the cake! Together with the lit paper lanterns dotted along the rooftops, it really did feel wonderful. Day two we went to the Ten Thousand Waves spa. I had a very good massage and we sat and steamed outside in the hot tubs as the snow came down. It’s exquisite there, I think we almost wished we had stayed there.

The most important thing though was to get some head space and quiet time with my wonderful husband. We get so carried away in the day to day, it’s good to just unplug and get that quality time. Sounds like such a cliche but it’s absolutely true. We’re lucky that we have the support to be able to do that.

Came back recharged and re-energized. Missed the kids like crazy, but I was even happier to see them when we got back and they had a really great time with their grandparents who got to know them even better whilst we were away


Friday, December 28, 2007


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We had the best of Christmases this year. Oliver is getting to the age where it is all making sense, and he is getting the wonder of it all. There was a fair bit of preparation what went into Santa’s visit this year, from the trip to the mall, to the full-on Santa Kit!

Oliver, Lola and I headed down to Third St to meet Mr Claus, and they were miraculously patient as we paced up and down Third St promenade, waiting out the couple of hours til Santa’s appearance. It was going to be Lola’s first Xmas, so I was determined she’d have her moment with the big man. I wonder to this day how we got through that morning with no tantrums or over-excitement, but they were both great - and they didn’t even cry when we sat on Santa’s knee. Success!

That evening saw the annual pilgrimage to Candy Cane Lane - it’s this street in El Segundo where they go all out on the decorations. It’s always a fun trip and this year one of the houses even had snow - so Oliver and Lola got to check that out for the first time. Not quite like the real thing, but close enough to get the idea. Was a very Californian moment though I have to say.

On Christmas Day we had lamb for dinner - so much easier than Turkey. I’m starting to like this idea of doing the turkey on Thanksgiving and having Christmas be something a bit simpler. Means you’re not spending the whole day cooking in the kitchen. The day was very mellow. Beckett, Carter and Michelle and Damon came over to exchange gifts the day before. So our Christmas extended a couple of days in the end. There’s no Boxing Day here of course which I miss, but at least it means you don’t end up gorging yourself quite the same way we do back in the UK. I missed the UK this year. Not sure why, perhaps with the kids getting older. You just miss your family at these times.


Saturday, December 22, 2007


Rifling through the drawers
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Lola is growing up so fast. This week saw her saying Mama for the first time, her second word after what we think is either “duck” or ‘quack”
She is bold, inquisitive, fearless and cuddly. She tries to do everything at once, from taking steps, to talking, chasing and annoying her brother. She will look you straight in the eye, but take her time in opening up. Once she’s figured you out though, there’s no stopping her.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season

It’s true that I am an unapologetic sentimentalist, especially when it comes to Christmas. And now with Lola and Oliver it’s even more fun. The tree is up, the presents bought, not wrapped and cards are in the process of winging their way to their intended recipients.

Work is going well. I’m settling into the groove of the whole consultancy thing and getting the hang of organizing my time.

Oliver and Lola have the made the transition to sharing a room. We redid Oliver’s room - removed the built ins and it has made the room so much bigger. I’m very pleased. They are doing really well with sharing. Although Oliver has been a bit irritable these last couple of days. I imagine he’s just not sleeping as well and needs to get used to having a snuffly baby in the same room as him. He’s such a sunny boy generally though. Is talking up a storm, starting to ask questions and assert himself. Some funny mispronunciations that always make us smile “Wook Mama wook!” instead of “Look” is always enjoyable.

Lola is a unstoppable! She is one assertive little girl - always going after poor Oliver, grabbing his toys and generally getting in his face. She is making some noises, simple words are not far off, we think she is saying “duck” in the bath, that’s what it sounds like anyway! She’s also trying to take a couple of steps. So much going on, at 10 months she is a precocious one. Still no teeth tho, I’m in no hurry for that. Once the teeth come through that’s one stage of babyhood that will pass, it will be a little sad.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Greetings from Austin

Sitting in the lobby of the unabashedly gorgeous Hotel Driskill in Austin, Texas. Steven had a business trip so I came along for the ride. This, of course, is where the magic of working for myself comes into play, I can work from anywhere! It’s only really sinking in, but it’s a terrifically liberating feeling. Trite to say, but it really is true, all I need is a connection, a laptop and I’m away. More productive than ever!

I like Austin. It feels like a big town more than a city. The weather is crisp and bright and the food amazing. Although these people do like their meat! I’m really enjoying the architecture, all those brick buildings, just two stories high in many areas, it feels familiar to me. We’ve only been here for a day and we leave tonight, so it’s not enough time, but I had a chance to catch up with Noah and Suzi which was great, checked out some restaurants and did some work. Sweet. Now we just need to see if we can do a quick pilgrimage to where they shoot for Friday Night Lights and we’ll be all set!

Good times. Good to get away with Steven too, it’s amazing how a change of place can be so reinvigorating.

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