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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Blighter

Oh will you look at the defiance!
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O has started climbing in Lola’s crib at night. Need less to say - we are not amused. Big threats coming down - no park, no Bob the Builder, no woodchippers on You Tube. Tonight he did better but we’ll have to keep our guard up on this one. Grrrr….

Now that I think about it, we may be officially entering the terrible twos. They aren’t that terrible really. 9 days out of 10 he’s a real champ. He just has his moments (but don’t we all) - to whit: teeth cleaning, getting dressed in the morning and having his hair rinsed after shampooing. So on the parental front it’s an all out-assault. Time outs are rigorously imposed. Star charts have been dutifully added to the fridge door.

Bring it on I say!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Such is life…

Well here I am, end of a lovely day - working from home and it’s gorgeous outside. I’ve so enjoyed working from home - just that I can stroll outside, grab some fruit from the kitchen, get some fresh air - esecially on a day like today. I feel I’ve been just as effective too. Of course it helps that the children are out with Bianca. Working with Oliver skipping about is nigh on impossible. I do need to ge a decent chair tho - this old Bentwood would put any Ergonomics guru to shame. So I just ordered a Knoll. Nice!

Oliver and Lola are both thriving. Steven is getting over a cold that knocked him for sick, he took time off work (unheard of) and was positively bed-ridden. One silver-lining around this particular cloud tho was that it enabled me to spend some real qualiy time with each of the children.

Friday I went with Char and Rowan to the LA zoo with Lola. She loved it. Alog with tummy flops on the bed, I think this could be a new favorite activity for her. The Saturday - took Oliver - he was most excited about the shuttle of course, the animals kind of left him cold - that day will come…. The Sunday he and I went down to the beach to splash around a bit. Really a lot of fun.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Second that Emotion

Oliver told me today that he was sad. Sad because Papa wasn’t here and he missed him. Steven is in Austin for work overnight. It’s amazing how emotions seem to be somewhat of a discovery, or at least the ability to articulate them. Oliver now knows when I’m happy - usually said as a confirmation after he has been chided for doing something wrong. e.g. you’re happy now yes Mama? Two and a half years old. Emotion. And something else, ah yes, manipulation!

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