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Monday, May 26, 2008

Trying to think straight…

What a weekend. I have to admit I approach long weekends with a mix of excitement - it is fun to hang out with the family, but also trepidation - it’s bloody exhausting too!

Claudette (Steven’s Mom) has come to stay and Oliver is once again besotted. I’ve dropped to rank number 3, but Lola is cranky and needy (earache methinks) so I’m indulging my lovin’ through her and trying not to hold a grudge against O.

Poor Lolie Lo, she’s really feeling none too clever.Last few nights she’s been up from 3am and not going back down too easily. I keep telling myself it’s a phase and I know it is. But Jeez, I can barely think straight I’m so tired - and that’s WITH naps!

Starting to get our gear together for next week’s England trip, feeling anxious about leaving the kids. I know they are in safe hands, but still it’s hard. Keep telling myself that 20 hours on a plan there and back with 4 days of jet lag would be MUCH MORE to worry about. But there you go.

Spent a sick amount of money on Friday getting my hair done at Fred Segal and shopping at Anthropologie. rationalize, rationalize, justify justify…. I don’t do it often, but when I do I go a little crazy. OK I’ll shut up now.

Yesterday - the Maritime Museum in Long Beach - much fun. There’s a lovely old tram you can take which the kids loved. Then the museum itself is full of model boats and ships - Oliver was beside himself. Lola, was beside herself tagging along after Oliver.

Carrying Lola on my shoulders almost killed me - I am definitely not getting any younger.

Treated Claudette to a massage from the woman who comes to massage me every week or so (pure indulgence). It was Claudette’s first which was pretty awesome. I think she enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



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We so rely on our naps at the weekend! I was reading an article on Babcycenter saying that at 3yrs the naps can start to go away! Oh no! Say it ain’t so!!! Whatever will we do without those couple of hours of downtime?

I wonder if this is me really worried about my peace and quiet on weekends (a big factor undoubtedly), or if its that more than a small part of me is loath to admit my baby boy is growing up.

He and his sister are very into coloring right now which delights me no end. It never ceases to amaze me how she just makes these developmental leaps simply through seeing her brother doing things. Coloring is one of those - Oliver has only gotten into it now, but she is already keen and half his age.

But dancing - there Lola leads the charge. Even now Oliver only kind of gets it, where as Lola has been boogying since she was just a year. That girl’s got rhythm!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

The release into the wild

The release into the wild
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We spent last weekend reconfiguring the garden and the celebration of this epic event was releasing some ladybirds from the local garden center into the wild.

Oliver had such a blast doing this - love the feel of them crawling all over him. Lola is a little more hesitant. So easy to forget she is half his age, she’s so brave and bold.

This weekend was great - altho I came down with a stomach flu yesterday which was not fun. Ack.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day I think was fairly typical of the highs and the lows that motherhood invariably entails. Battles with Oliver - who seems to have recently discovered the tantrum - at least with his parents. And then, flashes of pure joy and exuberance from both Oliver and Lola that obliterated any misgivings the day might have entailed.

My indulgent moment was dashing off to the garden center, twice, to buy jasmine and 8 rose bushes for the front yard. Begone green shapeless bushes, hello roses. A total indulgence I know - but they are so divine. Elle, Pope Paul and something that is white with a pink trim - stunning. Raul our gardener, was alos here and we replaced a bunch of stonework in the back with more lawn. Oliver is beside himself - so much room to roam.

Tonight we released more ladybirds. Such fun. Oliver loves to have them crawl all over him, Lola is less convinced.

Oh and Lola has a new dance (I think learnt from her father) instead of bouncing up and down, now she swings her arms around her - such a delight. Gifted I’m telling you, gifted.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


Maintaining some kind of order in the household of course becomes increasingly difficult as your children enter their terrible twos. Oliver has generally been great, but recently we’ve really been feeling him pushing against the boundaries and our poor nanny was starting to depspair. We quickly realized we weren’t being as consistent as we need to be. So we are diving into this book by Thomas Phelan (thanks Michelle!) and it’s really helping! I’m not sure if it’s the technique itself, which we were using a version of, but the rigor of us all doing it together is proving very effective.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Oliver’s soccer career is about to begin! 2.5 years old and I’m already giving in to the after-school activity madness. Only, I’m not.

It was having seen what a blast Oliver had playing at his cousin’s birthday party that gave us the impetus to get him enrolled. So if he likes it - great! If not, fine. This is not about raising the next David Beckham here. We are all so busy with both the children at the weekends and on school nights, that for me, this also represented a chance for Oliver and Steven to do something together. Knowing how Oliver hungers for his father’s time I know how much that would mean to him.

So you see it’s not about being sucked in to the over-scheduling craziness that grabs hold of so many of us here in LA. I just wanted my boy to have some quality one on one time with his Dad - that’s not so bad right?

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Living in LA

Sometimes you forget you know, that you live in Los Angeles and that Los Angeles is no ordinary town. You see celebrities from time to time in restaurants, or what have you, and that’s all well and good. But sometimes you just come across some really interesting people that you wouldn’t come across in many other places.

Sunday at the park I got talking to a guy, Kerry, who is making a documentary about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and we had such an interesting conversation about how he came to make the film, why this piece of music in particular has such an intriguing genesis and continues to be a very powerful work. Before that Kerry made Walmart the High Cost of Low Price. A film I remember and enjoyed. We had such a great chat. On this current documentary, he is working with Billy Bragg (a personal hero) who has recorded his own version of the Ninth to be played downtown in August.

The novelty of all this, even after 5 years here still delights me. LA, gotta love this town.


Monday, May 5, 2008

More tustle than huggle

More tustle than huggle
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Although fleeting, these moments of clumsy intimacy make up for every shout, every snatch, every growl, every shove. The more he stomps, the more she adores. Enjoy it while it lasts my friend, enjoy it while it lasts.

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