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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Olivers First Soccer Lesson

Olivers First Soccer Lesson

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Sunday morning saw Oliver’s first soccer lesson. He and his papa went on their own - boys time and I got to have a delicious morning with my daughter.

Enjoy this video - my God the boy’s a natural! ;-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday Morning at the Beach

Saturday Morning at the Beach

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What a weekend. Almost unbearably hot. Saturday saw us down at Will Rogers Beach by 9am! So much fun.

Oliver totally gets it now - just loves running around - to the point he was getting so daring we started to get nervous. Got to get that boy some swimming lessons.

And Lola was amazing. Terrified at first, little by little she got bolder and bolder. This was her at the end. Bold. Enthralled. Hilarious.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oliver’s 3rd Birthday

The Boys

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Oliver’s birthday was fun, rewarding, exhausting, hilarious and manic!

Best Party Game? Baseball runaround. Steven organized the activities - groups of kids pitching, others trying to bat - it was chaotic, random and perfect. And Meme, with the whizzing balloons - stroke of genius.

Culinary Highlight? Well, I could say the salad pizza from Abbots which was a huge hit. But, the cake. Well, that was something else. Some people thought I was crazy to bake. How about cupcakes? They would say. Gelson’s does great cakes! They would assure me. Sure there was a little bit of freaking out in the days prior, but I had faith, I knew it would all work out. And so it did. Victoria sponge, raspberry and cream cheese filling - can you think of anything yummier?

Favorite gift? Tow Mater (from the movie cars), his scooter (from Grandpops) and a helicopter from his friend Asta. All trucks, all action, all the time.

Star performer? Meme and Oliver tie for this one. Meme with running around all week helping me organize. Invaluable. And Oliver. He had the best day - running, running, running, playing with his friends, perfectly happy to be the center of attention. I think it’s all about pacing. We didn’t wind him up all morning, it was very low key and he totally rose to the occasion.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

3rd Year Check Up

On Eating
Dr Stern: “So Oliver - do you eat healthy foods?”
Oliver shakes his head. “Vegetables?” Shakes his head again. His mother tries vainly to prompt the witness “What about carrots, you like carrots” Blank stare.
Dr Stern tries another tack. “Do you like fruit Oliver? What fruits do you like?” Oliver nods enthusiastically “Milkshake!” he exclaims, “I like milkshake!” “Oh” says Stern “What fruits do you have in your milkshake?” “Vanilla” answers Oliver. Mom starts sliding down her chair, mortified.

Oliver, out of the blue “I’m going swimming!” Mom looks at Stern, mystified. He continues “I like to go under the water and dive right down”. Stern raises an eyebrow, looks to Mom. Mom has no idea what her son is talking about.

Potty training
Stern: “So Oliver, do you go potty, do you go potty in the toilet?” Oliver shakes his head. “Do you wear underpants?” Shakes his head again. Mom rolls her eyes. “Do you wear diapers?” Stern persists. Oliver shakes his head again, then exclaims. “I’m not wearing ANYTHING!” and is very pleased with himself with this stroke of wit. Mom, past it at this point, grabs the waistband of the underpants Oliver IS wearing and snaps it against his back “What’s this then??” she says. “UnderWEAR!!!” exclaims Oliver. Hilarity all round.

Stern: “Oliver how old are you tomorrow?” “3″ Phew, at last a simple answer that is more or less correct. “And do you have anything planned? Are you having a party?” “Noooo!” says Oliver, “not me!” Nice.

Mom leaves convinced Dr Stern thinks she feeds her kid crap, is completely unaware he has started swimming and has nothing planned for his birthday.


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Someone is having some fun!

Someone is having some fun!

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What a great day today - I get home and the kids are having a play date with the cousins. They are all having a blast, but I’m kinda bummed to be missing so much of this. Work is great too - which makes it even harder. You just can’t be in two places at once, something has to give. Right now, this is the choice I’m making and I feel its the right one, deep down. But I do need to fid better balance, I’m missing too much. After we launch Intent it will get easier - and we get some more funding…

Anyway - I love this photo of Lola - it just captures how much fun she was having.

This week is crazy - organizing Oliver’s third birthday party! Going to be a lot of kids which won’t make Steven happy! Baseball is the theme. I’m looking forward to it - altho starting to stress a bit about the cake…

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The UK

The Taylors

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I think this may be one of the only photos of almost entire family all together. It was Freddy’s idea to take the shot and I’m so glad we did. Of course I say almost the whole family, but the one huge gaping hole was our own children, who we decided to leave in the US this time with their Meme and Nanny. It seemed like such a long haul for such a short period of time. But boy did we miss them - especially on the last day when we got to see all their cousins - who ran me round the garden silly!

All in all it was a great trip. Anna’s wedding was fantastic - great to see some old faces from uni and meet some new folks. Her husband is champion too, so wonderful to see them together, to see her, happy, at last.

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