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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand, Foot & Mouth

Three little words, one horrid virus! Poor Oliver has been stricken with this for the last few days. Lola thankfully seems to have a much milder version. So what’s the skinny? Well you get nasty blisters, like cankers in your moth that just make it very painful to eat and swallow. It’s very contagious amongst children (adults can’t get it we’re mostly immune). So no school for Oliver and lots of treats, ice cream and cuddles.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Water Baby

Lolie in her first lesson with coach Sid. She needed me to come in the water with her, but once she got used to it she was a natural.

Taking her together with her brother though - well let’s just say I’ve had mixed results.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lola’s Current Obession - Dress up

What is it about little girls and dress up? This may sound absurdly sexist, if so guilty as charged - for Oliver NEVER had this obsession!

Our little girl can already put her pants on ALL BY HERSELF thank you very much. Grunting with frustration as she does, she will not, I repeat, not, accept any assistance!

I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up!

Current words, aged 18 months: water, mama, dinner, flannel, ice, hot, oh, boat, doctor, cracker, dog, flower, fly, no more, bubble, thank you, bye, ball, duck, baby

Current teeth: 4 on top, three on bottom and molars ( I fear) on the way!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whither naptime?

Naptime. Where did it go? Ever since Oliver started school his naps are now replaced by quietly playing in his room. What’s THAT all about???

Pluses: he is exhausted come 7.30pm
Minuses: however will we get through the weekends????

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New School

Oliver started at his new school this week - so hard!

Poor thing - not only is he one of the younger kids there, but its French immersion to boot so he has no idea what’s going on. When the week started I was very anxious. Far worse for Mom I think! Oliver and I have been so close since coming back from vacation, he hasn’t adjusted at all to me going back to work. Every morning there have been tears and the first day of school was no exception.

The teachers encourage the parents to hang around for a bit before leaving, but I really don’t know if it helps or not, or just prolongs the agony. But I did and when the time came for me to go - yikes - tears, clinging. Devastating. You feel like the worse parent in the world. I went back after 15 minutes and peeked in - he looked so sad, still blotchy and shuffling about in a forlorn way. Bad bad mama.


It got easier.

When I returned to pick him up there were huge smiles and an exclamation of “We had cake!”

The next day was easier still and today, one of the teachers distracted him with a book and he was totally cool with me going. No tears at all!

From this I’ve realized a couple of things.

1. Picking him up each day is a BIG DEAL for him and really matters. Even if it means me crossing Santa Monica to and fro every day, it is so worth it to see how happy he is when I get there.

2. Telling him every day what is going to happen - that he goes to school and Mama goes to work and after lunch Mama comes to pick him up - really helps. I’ve also incorporated tales of first days at school into the daily night time adventures of Marvin the ant and his friends, Candy the caterpillar, Lucy the ladybird and Pepe the beetle.

Don’t ask. Long story. Literally.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Lolas Favorites - Aged 18 mos

Once our little Lo can settle herself for more than two seconds to listen to a story - these are her current obsessions:
Goodnight Gorilla
Little Gorilla
Dear Zoo
Dig Dig Digging
Sneakers the Cat
The Very Hungry Caterpiller

As you can see animals are a constant source of fascination, unlike her brother, where cars and trucks prevail. Still.

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