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Friday, March 27, 2009


One of the great indulgences of being off work, has been the time it has allowed me to spend with my friends, both old and new - and the time it has afforded me to foster my children’s friendships. I meet up with other Mums and their kids at least a few times a week. It’s a treat to see the kids growing closer as we Mums get to chat and catch up.

Clover is Lola’s first real friend. They are almost moving beyond parallel play to actually interacting and it’s a lot of fun to see. Clover is a bit more gregarious than Lola, but Lolie holds her own and when the two of them are with their brothers - who are also the same age - Lola often pairs off with the boys - never daring to miss something for one second. I can see this changing as Lola starts developing her own interests - but at the moment she so adores her older brother and wants to do everything he does. Another reason why it’s so great to have some one on one time with her right now, and allow her to have her own friends and explore her own passions.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot hot hot

Whilst we were in Italy there was a heatwave - you can see in this photo just how hot Oliver looks. He gets really pink.

This photo was taken in Greve in the Chianti region where we had a marvelous lunch. Great great day.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Growing up fast

I can’t believe Lola is growing up so quickly. And I’m here for every moment of it. Potty training is almost done, we’re pretty much only using diapers at night. The rare accident, but Oliver still has those too. I think with him he just gets carried away and doesn’t want to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing.

Lola is though terrified of insects. If a spider or fly lands on her she is almost hysterical. We are doing a science project with caterpillers and a butterfly house at home at the moment, so I hope this will pass before our wee beasties start to fly.

And on Sunday, Lola to me ” I’m not a baby anymore Mama”. God help me, I’m in trouble.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Potty Training and Ms Lola

Since her 2nd birthday wee Ms Lola has embarked upon the time-honored ritual of learning to use the potty and three weeks later I do believe we’re almost done! There have been ups and downs to be sure. The time she peed whilst we were picking Oiver up from school  - when of course smart Mom had left all the gear in the car. Nice one Mom.

Then there have been the numerous battles over her and Oliver’s nakedness. Our Lola loves to run around the house in squeals of delight shouting “naked!” “naked!” Her brother of course also loves to join in. All very well of course unless you’re trying to get them out of the door, or to eat dinner or breakfast then it drives poor Mom to distraction!

But of this all matters not, we are near the end. And despite some reticence over going poop, (involving a lot of crying and bottom grabbing - whilst naked of course) our Lola is bravely going where countless  toddlers have gone before her. Well done Ms Lola, we are proud of you.

PS more cookies will follow these daily feats have no fear.

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