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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Speaking of friendship, this year I have found some wonderful friends who love books as much as I do, and for once I actually have some time to read. God bless the naps! But it also makes me incredibly sad as these novels would be fruit for so many wonderful conversations with my Dad. I keep catching myself thinking of calling him. What do you think of Tim O’Brien? Stegner? Peter Carey’s Theft? I suppose there is some karma in that - him passing allowed me to make the jump to staying home, which in turn led me to some wonderful friendships.

Bloody life.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter - or - The Day Oliver Sat on a Cactus

So some apologies to the five people who actually read this blog ;) I’ve had some WP issues and the site was down for a couple of weeks. Things are so busy at home I didn’t really realize for a while - so thanks to my father-in-law Loring for getting me to look into it. And thank you to Lauren and Tom for helping me get it back up and running.

It’s so funny being “off work” - I use those words in quotes as I don’t feel I’ve ever worked so hard in my life. Suddenly I need a nap every day - since when did that happen? Nightmare! I’m actually looking forward to when Lola will be in preschool in September - at least that will give me a few mornings to catch up with myself.

Anyway Easter was a blast. We went away to Joshua Tree with some new friends Chip and Rachel and their two children Romeo and Clover. Our children are very similar ages so it’s a good mix and the grown ups share similar interests and parenting styles. So we went away, rented a house and had a really great time. Some wonderful walks too. I have to say I got to know the park a lot more than I have done previously and really enjoyed exploring a lot more.

Saturday night saw us cooking and drinking wine. But our evening was rudely interrupted by Oliver falling in to a cactus! Half an hour of pure pain as we tried to pull the prickles out of his bum, but he made a speedy recovery. They were running around naked - admittedly not my best parenting decision, it is the desert after all - and he fell. Prickles all over the tuckus. Clover also got stung the next day. Damn house was surrounded by these particularly nasty cacti that I didn’t see so much elsewhere. Definitely not kid friendly! But everyone recovered quickly and the hunt was on for the eggs on Sunday morning.

Good times, memorable times. More pics visit our Joshua Tree photo collection on Flickr.


Friday, April 10, 2009


There are some days in your life as a parent, days of catastrophe, or near-catastrophe anyway. Days that spring to minds are, well the day Oliver knocked out his tooth. The day he cut his finger - that was a memorable 4th July I can tell you. Tiny cut - blood EVERYWHERE!

Today was Lola’s turn. I was vacuuming the car getting ready for our Joshua Tree adventure and she locked herself in the car. I assumed the spare keys were in the house. Searching searching searching and found nothing. You can imagine the panic. Lola, thank goodness was totally calm, had no idea anything was amiss. Then my life-saver neighbor Janet came to our rescue. As I continued searching frantically in the house, Janet managed to talk Lola into getting the keys out of my bag and pressing the button to open the door. OMG. Relief. I never quite got over it that day. And Lola - well as you can see in this picture, she had other things on her mind. there were princess outfits to play with Goddamit!

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