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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lolie - Prehaircut

One of my favorite memories of Lolie from this summer before I finally lost patience with the endless battles over hair brushing. I get it, it’s not fun - but do we have to make an issue of it every night? So the day after this shot was taken - after a lovely day at the beach with cousin Maeve and Aunt Kate, Mum took the scissors and now Lola sports a fun little bob!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter from Maine

This year’s trip to Maine is a little unusual. Usually we all arrive together and we all leave together. We stay for a couple of weeks and it always seems too short. This was the first time, not working,  I actually could stay as long as I wanted to. So Steven flew up for the first few days and today flew back to LA. The children and I are staying here, at the farm without him for two weeks.

Our first few days has been great. It has rained on and off since we arrived, but who cares? It’s warm and the kids love it - such novelty after dry and sunny LA. The highlights so far?


Dead deer head with foxes hungrily munching it. Kids most impressed, especially Oliver. It really spoke to his fascination with blood and gore.

Muskrats, more deer - alive this time - the new Scottish Highlander cows - Snowball and Woodstock. Lola is wary, Oliver is already feeding them and I’m sure will be helping Grandpa muck out by week’s end.

Oliver learnt to ride a bike! Although that sounds so much more involved than it was. I don’t know why I expected it to be a long process, but Loring gave him a push and that pretty much was that. Amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. Yikes! I think Oliver was far more impressed by the deer’s head.

Showtunes recital at the local elementary school. Need I say more.

Grandpa babysitting and listening to Oliver try and negotiate with him whilst Claudette and I hid on the stairs.

Strange now to be here without Steven. Already I feel his absence, in this his place, his home. But it is lovely to have the time to start exploring this island some more and get to know people. After Dad passing my connection to Maine is here now…  Tomorrow Oliver is going to day camp, he’ll be there a week  - a good opportunity to meet some other local families I hope.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indulging Obsessions - Apollo 11

My boy is obsessed, obsessed with the Apollo landing, and I LOVE it! We got a book out called “Moonshot” from the library and I swear I could read it to him again and again.

He said to a family friend yesterday, “Did you know… a long long time ago… man went and he landed, on the moon… And it was Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and The Eagle. Did you know that?”

Happily this current fixation has coincided with the anniversary of said trip resulting in a glut of videos on YouTube and articles in the newspaper. It’s truly fantastic. Today we went to the Science Center to further encourage the lad.

Thankfully, for once, Lola remains unimpressed by this current fixation. Leaving Oliver, liberated from his sisters constant mimicry and adoration.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First day at Summer School!

Lola’s first day at school went off without a hitch. It’s lucky really as the summer school is happening at the same Abbot Kinney Campus as Oliver, so he is there and the surroundings are familiar.
She ran off to play with barely a backward glance at Mom. It’ll be interesting once she realizes though that this is going to happen repeatedly - see how that goes - once the novelty wears off.
Anyway - she did Mum proud. I felt a touch teary I have to say seeing her with such independence already - empty nesting already or so it feels! Now just got to crack the daily nap battle and my life will start getting back to some semblance of normal!

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