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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best Birthday Ever

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about my birthday this year, but suffice to say Steven took the book and threw it out of the window. I’ll just say 6 great friends, a limo, Puppetry of the Penis, and dinner at Bazaar. There I’ve said it. The rest I’ll leave up to your vivid and sordid imaginations!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kids Art

Sometimes the things you wonder about with your kids - what they are “getting” and “not getting” and at what age, is simply a matter of what they are developmentally ready for. I used to wonder when Oliver would “get” drawing - when he would move from just experimenting with colors to actually putting together an image with some intention around it. Suddenly, age 4 and a half we are here.
Here’s a selection of art projects from the Kydd house…

Oliver's Self-portrait

Lola's Sparkles

Oliver Self Portrait - with glasses

T for Turtle by Lola

Spontaneous gift for Mama by Oliver

Lola - Learning to write her name

Robot by Oliver

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Friday, February 5, 2010


Mum has been visiting these last couple of weeks and we have had such a blast. On her last day we decided to be reckless and on the way to driving the kids to school I announced we would blow off school and take ourselves off on an adventure! Well not the most responsible thing to do you may say, but it is only preschool after all.

So around we turned and headed off home to pack up and head out to Joshua Tree, or Pioneertown to be exact. I’d heard about Pioneertown from a good friend who has been a bunch of times. It was just as I imagined it, like some scene from an old Western. Single dusty road, mock Western buildings on each side, small ramshackle hotel…

Well the hotel looks a lot nicer on the website is all I can say. It was cold as anything and they only had one room that was clean, despite showing ten rooms available on their website before we left. Moral of the story - it always pays to call ahead.

We ended up at a really nice Best Western - a first for me. It was comfy and the kids loved it. I got take out pasta from Sizzlers (yuh!) and some new PJS from Walmart for Lola (another first).

All in all we had a great time. Got to go to the park, climb some rocks and then head gratefully home.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lola Turns 3 Years Old

I can’t believe our little girl has turned 3. Coming in at a healthy 32 pounds and 36.5 inches, she is growing every day and is crazy smart.

We celebrated her birthday with a fantastic party - you can see the photos here on Flickr. A lot of folks, a lot of kids, with our core group of friends who stayed on at the end whilst the kids settled down to a movie - perfect.

Here are some of Lolie’s gems:

besert - dessert
comfyball - comfortable
psghetti - spaghetti

She is also writing L for Lola, O for Oliver and T for turtle.

The list goes on! I love you my girl. You really are a girl of passion, joy and wit.
The world will be your playground.

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