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Monday, May 17, 2010

In their natural habitat

There are some afternoons I will always remember with the kids - nine times out of ten, the magic happens when we are just hanging out at home. This was one of those moments. I Googled some face painting ideas and the fun was on for young and old. Next time I think I’ll do me too!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oliver’s Eye Surgery

This photo was taken a few hours after Oliver had surgery on both his eyes to fix his strabismus. Strabismus is condition whereby the eyes cross and are unable to focus correctly.

We had always wondered if there was something off with his eyes. Frequently as a baby he would bump into things, mostly on his left side and he would get frustrated quickly when trying to do physical activities that involved coordination. But it was only a year ago that we began to actually see that one eye had a tendency to wander.

We took him to Dr Kenneth Wright in Beverly Hills. Dr Wight doesn’t have the greatest bedside manner, but many folks had told us he was the best and despite his sometimes brusque way, I trusted him. Oliver trusted him. At first we tried glasses, but although they relieved the symptoms when he wore them, as soon as he took them off the wandering eye got perceptibly worse. Now he would complain of seeing double whenever the glasses were off.

So surgery was the next option and not one we undertook lightly, but as I said we trusted this doctor, trusted his experience and his track record. Oliver went in for his surgery on April 28th.

Oliver was a trooper, although it is always hard to figure out how much they understand and how much we should tell him. We didn’t go into too much detail, but answered his questions honestly. All the preparation though doesn’t prepare you for the moment you hand him over and off he goes. For Oliver this was difficult as the previous surgery had been delayed so when the Drs finally arrived it was all systems go, but that didn’t mean we were ready. I hadn’t expected it all to happen so quickly and felt angry with myself for not being a better advocate for my child in that moment and making them just wait. But having talked to other parents afterwards, you come to realize there is no easy way. It’s just difficult.

A week has now passed since the surgery, the bright red on his eyeball is fading and already he is back to his usual self. I have to say I think the hardest part for Oliver himself was not the surgery itself, or the discomfort (about which he never complained) but the monotony of staying home with Mum for the rest of the week, which just about drove him crazy. He still has to wear glasses for the far-sightedness, but he will probably grow out of that in his teen years.

In two month’s time we will have our next check up with the Dr and find out just how successful it was. We are hopeful.

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