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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Oliver!

I have to say, I always have a blast at my kid’s birthday parties. Every time we have one, there is that fleeting moment when I think to myself - we should throw parties more often! Then I spend the next four days recovering and I reconsider.

This one was no exception though. I dillied and dallied over whether to have an “entertainer” and in the end - well - through a mix of procrastination and stubborn pigheadedness, I decided against it. I thought this time I’m going to keep it simple and not overly stress about it all. Miracle of miracles it worked!

So no entertainer, but good old fashioned egg and spoon, potato sack and three legged races. I have to say the highlight of the afternoon was the three legged race by the adults, where Jennifer and I kicked ass!

Oliver (thank heavens) is a real trooper at these events. He is usually just so chuffed to have all his friends in one place that he is the best version of himself. At this party I would say he was a bit overwhelmed. Now he is turning five you get the feeling when the grown ups ask a question “how do you feel to be five Oliver?” they actually expect some kind of decent answer. More’s the pity. He still just looks warily confused before answering “OK”. Pretty typical for this age group - at least amongst the boys.

So a good time was had by all. For his birthday itself, I gave in and he finally got a Transformer. He’s impressed by the idea of it rather than the actuality of it I suspect. He likes to go up to it, grab it and say in a bellowing voice “Optimus Prime!” - but then it kind of gets put down and forgotten about. Not like the Lego, which I have spent the last five days putting together. I swear his favorite thing to play with right now, really in all honesty, are the bugs he finds in the backyard.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

UK Trip

I was trying to find a photo that best captured the essence of this trip and it’s really hard to do. We were there for such a short time for Mum’s 70th, just over a week, but we packed so much in!

We stayed at this wonderful cottage just 4 miles from Mum’s house which was the best of both world’s - we could see her often - but we had our own space and didn’t feel we were imposing on anyone. The cottage itself was divine and surrounded by horses! Friendly ones at that, so visiting them became a daily ritual.

Seeing my brothers and spending time with their families is always a highlight, you just can’t beat it. So many times I thought to myself, is LA really the right place for me to be? My kids are missing out on so much - in terms of spending time with their cousins and Granny… It’s so hard. The grass is always greener in one sense. I think if we could spend a lot more time here it would make everything a lot easier. Go over for a month each year or something… Who knows.

Anyway, Mum’s 70th was great. Good to see so many of her old friends, women I’ve known all my life. It’s always a little strange though because they know so much more about you than you do about them.

I also went up to Ross on Wye and visited with the family up there, which was a real treat. It had been too long, another visit long overdue.

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