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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fantastic Sky

A day after the rains. Stunning.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Artichoke 3

Some experiments with lensbaby lenses create some wonderful effects. Kindergarten has sucked up my time this Fall and I’ve been neglecting my photography. Now there’s a resolution for next year!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day at Kindergarten

Monday was Oliver’s first day at school. He seemed very non-plussed by the whole thing. When people asked him if he was excited, he’d say no! I couldn’t really blame him… It’s hard to be excited about something so unknown. Even though he had been to the school before it’s still all pretty new and daunting. Day two upon waking up his first words were “I don’t want to go to kindergarten!” Agh!
But brave little man, even though he was a bit clingy when I dropped him off, there were no tears. By the end of the second day he was perky and excited about what they had in store for the week. And each day he has new things to say about what’s happening at school and what’s coming up. Friday is stuffed animal day, very exciting. Ringo has been hugely helpful with the transition. I printed out a photo of Ringo for Oliver to take in so Ringo is always with him.

Lola had already started at her new preschool before the summer so it’s a lot more familiar to her. Still it’s a long day for her finishing at 3.30pm. She is enjoying it no end though and each day brings new tales of her friends and what she has learned - this week, her letters!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well after much deliberation we finally got a dog. Welcome Ringo! We had chosen him before the summer, but then picked him up in September so he could complete his training. One thing of which I was sure, was that it would be worth the money to get a trained dog and it has certainly turned out that way. Ringo is a calm, lovely dog, he’s been with us almost a week now and we haven’t had any accidents in the house at all! I’m enjoying taking him for walks and having the company, but it is an extra thing to worry about and it will take some getting used to. He is a complete love though and the whole family is smitten!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Summer in Maine

I can’t believe I have been so slack with the blog recently. Tsk tsk I say. Anyway, here are some photo highlights of our trip to Maine this year. We had a wonderful time. Again I went for two weeks and then Steven came out. This time we stayed in Michelle’s house which was great. Nice to have the space and be able to keep to somewhat of a routine with bedtimes and whatnot.

Each year brings something new to my appreciation and enjoyment of the island. This year I managed to work out a lot more, island pilates and walks round the point helped combat the plentiful crepes and muffins rustled up by Steven’s mum.

We discovered some great new places, both on and off the island. Barre Island and the sandy beach were two notable highlights on Deer Isle itself. Barre island is a magical walk through a mossy forest, with  a lovely island separated from the mainland by a sandbar at the end. Make sure you go at low tide so you can walk across the bar.  We also went and rode our bikes along the carriage roads in Acadia which was a great day with some unforgettable views.

We continue to make some good friends here, staying for the whole month really gives me at least, time to get to know people a lot more, and the children are making friends too. So without further ado - here are some photo highlights.

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