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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hawaii on my mind!

So how good was Hawaii? Well for a resort-type experience it was amazing - wonderful pool, great beach, the service was outstanding and the weather just peachy. All that being said, the jetlag took us by surprise, I guess you forget that it’s a three hour time-difference and for some reason that hadn’t registered with me. For first few days the children were a touch grumpy and that’s putting it kindly, but as someone reminded me yesterday, we had just moved house so it really has been quite an upheaval for them.
Maui is a great island and I would recommend Wailea for families with lots to do. We took an Atlantis submarine ride, which was perfect for the kids, just two hours and they got to see some fish and even a shipwreck. At 4 and 5 they are still too young for a snorkeling expedition really, but not us grown ups! We did go snorkeling, sailing out on a Catamaran for the day which was thoroughly enjoyable. Another excursion was the Sugar Cane Train ride which I’d read about. I would NOT recommend this. The train itself is delightful, but the view, well, unless you are in the mood for peering into people’s backyards the entire time, it’s not exactly picturesque.
All in all it was a wonderful trip. I would do it again, but a week was enough.
Now we are back home and getting ready for summer!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Move

So we finally did it! After much deliberating we decided to move out of Venice. It was opportunistic really. we had started looking, expecting it would take at least 6 months to find a place in the neighborhood we were interested in - but then we got lucky. So we are now living in a place a good bit bigger than our old house in Venice and are so happy. The kids have their own rooms which is a bonus, but more importantly we all just ahve a bit more space. The street is a quiet cul de sac, close to the beach. Feels closer to nature, great walks nearby. Very very happy.

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