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Monday, June 16, 2008

Oliver’s 3rd Birthday

The Boys

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Oliver’s birthday was fun, rewarding, exhausting, hilarious and manic!

Best Party Game? Baseball runaround. Steven organized the activities - groups of kids pitching, others trying to bat - it was chaotic, random and perfect. And Meme, with the whizzing balloons - stroke of genius.

Culinary Highlight? Well, I could say the salad pizza from Abbots which was a huge hit. But, the cake. Well, that was something else. Some people thought I was crazy to bake. How about cupcakes? They would say. Gelson’s does great cakes! They would assure me. Sure there was a little bit of freaking out in the days prior, but I had faith, I knew it would all work out. And so it did. Victoria sponge, raspberry and cream cheese filling - can you think of anything yummier?

Favorite gift? Tow Mater (from the movie cars), his scooter (from Grandpops) and a helicopter from his friend Asta. All trucks, all action, all the time.

Star performer? Meme and Oliver tie for this one. Meme with running around all week helping me organize. Invaluable. And Oliver. He had the best day - running, running, running, playing with his friends, perfectly happy to be the center of attention. I think it’s all about pacing. We didn’t wind him up all morning, it was very low key and he totally rose to the occasion.

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