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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Summer days in Maine

The other night I went to sleep to the singular sound of rain gently falling on the roof. That was quite literally ans astonishingly for someone who lives in the city, the only sound I could hear. Perfection.
We have been here just over a week now and I’m loath to leave. The days have been heady with sunshine, family, laughter and glorious scenery. We spent the weekend in Orono before heading down to the farm.
Seeing Dad play with Oliver and them getting to know each other was wonderful to see.
The farm has never looked better - I never cease to be amazed by everything they have achieved here, it is a truly magical place. Seeing Oliver roam around and explore this part of his heritage with his grandparents was unforgettable. Steven said this morning that this was a seminal trip for me and it’s true, I think it was for both of us. A moment to feel grounded again and remember what’s really important. With Oliver and number two on the way (our other news!) as well as my lovely husband beside me in this beautiful place - what else could a girl’s heart desire?

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