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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time has flown

I can’t believe how time has flown. Next week is my last week at work before going on leave and I so can’t wait. everything we’ve been working on is coming to a head and I’m beat!

It’s the Contender finale next week and Apprentice this week - most of the team - are flying up to NYC for the Apprentice finale - there’s some cool content we’re working on for next season and they can combine those efforts with this season’s finale event. In one sense I’m bummed to be here and not be able to go, but then again, I so can’t see myself jumping on a plane right now - I can’t imagine anything worse. So it’s a good thing, as at least the office is quiet and we can just focus on getting the finales over with and executed well.

On the house side of things it’s final inspection today - well the first final inspection. The week has been so harried with lots of things going awry, so I hope our good karma returns today. There were so many guys at the house yesterday it was insane - and we’re trying to get all the pieces in place ahead of the move in date - still scheduled right now for June 1.

Yesterday I was really stressed about it all, but today is a better day and all is good. I think we’re going to see if Claudette can come out to help with the move - she is such an amazing dynamo her help would be invaluable.

Everyone else, or other pregnant people I should say, seems so organised about their upcoming births. We have so much else going on I feel a bit out of it really. We haven’t got our heads around everything we need to buy and prepare for his arrival. I get anxious about it on one level, but then, well what the heck, we’ll love him and wrap him in a blanket, the pack and play might be a few days late is all.

So - an exhausting week, am defintely ready to take my leave and focus on the baby and the house. It will be a relief! Am amazed that at the check ups, they still say all is well - I keep expecting my blood pressure to have shot through the roof. Steven keeps commenting on how pink I am - oh yes, I am ruddy - that we can definitely say. He has been a joy through this whole process, the man has the patience of a saint, I really can’t imagine how much more difficult this would be without his unstinting love and support. I’m a very lucky woman to have such a husband. Enough gush, where’s the hot water bottle!

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