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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lola Turns 3 Years Old

I can’t believe our little girl has turned 3. Coming in at a healthy 32 pounds and 36.5 inches, she is growing every day and is crazy smart.

We celebrated her birthday with a fantastic party - you can see the photos here on Flickr. A lot of folks, a lot of kids, with our core group of friends who stayed on at the end whilst the kids settled down to a movie - perfect.

Here are some of Lolie’s gems:

besert - dessert
comfyball - comfortable
psghetti - spaghetti

She is also writing L for Lola, O for Oliver and T for turtle.

The list goes on! I love you my girl. You really are a girl of passion, joy and wit.
The world will be your playground.

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