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Monday, October 17, 2005


YosemiteOur trip to Yosemite was spectacular. I was dreading it in the worst way - knowing that Claudette, Steven, Oliver and I would all be in one room I was anticipating a sleepless few nights and exhausted days. And there was some of that - O was valiantly resisting the snuffles too - just to make life interesting. However in the end we had a wonderful time that brought us closer together as a family. Oliver hadn’t had a chance to really have his grandmother all to himself and they got such a lot out of it - it really was a special time.
The park was stunning - quite breathtaking and I feel fortunate to have seen it in the Fall. I never really realised the park was in a valley surrounded by those glorious cliffs, or that it was such a destination for photographers, Ansel Adams included. So I was inspired - I only took the digital eos Canon with me to force myself to learn how to use it - I’ve gotten lazy with the Elph. I think we got some good shots - especially at the wedding.
The wedding was divine, Charlene looked stunning and we so enjoyed meeting more of their friends. The fact that it was in the Awahnee as well was super convenient - meaning we could dash upstairs to pump or nurse when needed. The Awahnee is stunning - what a treat to be in that amount of luxury in the middle of the wilderness!

18th October, 2005
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