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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tired of this

Tired of this
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Oh it’s a hard life for little people.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005


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Awake time on the baby Einstein gym - all a little overwhelming right now!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Happy Birthday - 3 Weeks today!

I can’t believe it’s now 3 weeks have passed since Oliver was born - it seems like so much longer - she says bleary eyed! So here’s a quick update on how we’re all doing.


At his 2 week check Oliver is now 7lbs, 9 oz and 21 and a half inches long. He’s up above his birth weight having gained 16 oz! Very good news. It was very reassuring to know he’s getting everything he needs and the breastfeeding is going well. He still has a tendancy to hold his head to the left, so we have exercises to combat that.
Generally he’s a very good natured boy and nto too sqally at all. Burping is our main challenge right now - in terms of spending enough time to ensure we’ve winded him enough. We had a couple of days where he was having spit ups that seemed scarier than they were - so now know that we need to burp him for a long time before setting him down. I initially thought the spit ups were due to him overfeeding, but I don’t think that’s the case. It was just they coincided with his feeding time going up from 2-3 minutes at a time, to 5 and now 15 minutes. The longer feedings are great! Means we get some more rest between them, especially at night. The last two night’s he’s woken only ever 3 hours with little fussing in between. Means we actually feel half normal the next day. You hear some stories about colicky babies and I am so thankful he’s not like that. He cries rarely really.

His umbilical cord is now completely healed and he’s started having full baths - I think that was one reason why he slept so well last night - he loves the bath!!
He really has changed since he was born - now he’s focusing a lot more and when he is awake he is very alert and interacting much more with the world around him. Can’t wait for those first smiles - we suspect we’ve seen a couple - but none really clearly just yet. I think when he meets his new cousin Beckett that may be one of the first.


I’m doing better. Last week mum went away to Seattle so I was home alone for a couple of days. That was tough. It coincided with a growth spurt for Oliver, common at 2 weeks apparently, so he was feeding every hour or so. That and changing all the diapers etc on my ownsome was exhausting - I didn’t follow the golden rule of napping when he naps - and so was getting very tired and fretful - as was he. Thankfully it was only two days, the weekend came and Steven was home to share the load, and then Sunday Mum came back - thank goodness. It was a wake up call though - I wanted to see how I’d feel coping at home on my own - my conclusion is I think that doing this full time is not for me. But then, this is the most diffucult time, the first 3 months, so perhaps I shouldn’t judge it too soon. The longer sleeps are definitely helping and I’m just so glad that he’s such a good baby - every day brings something new for us and him to learn. The breastfeeding is going well though and I’ll start trying to pump this week so hopefully Steven and I can get out to a movie - needless to say we’ve already upgraded our Netflix account! I feel closer than ever to Steven right now, he shines as a father and I feel so proud and happy our son has such a wonderful role model and loving father.

I must say that daddy thing is brilliant! I love spending time with the little man - even if that time is spent changing diapers and burping him. I take pleasure in feeling the power behind his leg movements, arm thrusts, etc. It makes me feel like he is strong and growing.

I have been able to come home for lunch a bit over the past few weeks and see him during the day. It certainly places work into perspective! It is difficult tho to see how tired Sal can be after a full day of feeding and taking care of him — I have it so easy at the office. I’m trying to pitch in as much as possible when I’m home and on weekends — it is enjoyable for me and gives Sal a bit of time for a cat-nap.

We are starting to interview for a Nanny - a very important decision. Ideally we’ll find someone to be part of the family in the years ahead. We’ll certainly know the right fit when we see it.

I fed Oliver from a bottle for the first time yesterday! He was a trooper and picked up on the process in just a minute of two. This certainly bodes well for us being able to be a bit more mobile — and maybe even see a movie this week! I’m hoping for Batman…

Sue continues to be an inspiration for us both. She is tireless in her efforts for Sal, Oliver and me. She’s been thoughtful, helpful, fun, comforting, and a genuine joy to have with us during this special time.

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