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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Final Week

Well we hope…

All seems to have quietened down on the baby front - ie it doesn’t *feel* like labor is imminent right now. But what do I know!? It’s probably helped by the fact I’ve been taking it a bit easier since the chaos of last week. Mom and I have had time to shop, tidy the house and get things ready. Steven has had a chance to get over his cold too which is really good, he was feeling quite rundown last week.

We had a great weekend though. Went out for a nice dinner last night - new restaurant near our place called Beachwood - very Hollywood for this side of town, quite a scene, but we went early and so avoided the chaos. Mom and Steven got a few blood orange martinis down them and were very merry by evening’s end.

Today we went to lunch with friends of Steven’s from Fox, so chilled. Playing with their kids in the pool - such a relief from gravity for a few hours was heaven!

So I think now we’re really ready for the baby. Had a chance to move in, get the place ready, get the baby’s things ready and relax. Am so glad Mom did come out when she did, am sure if she hadn’t the baby would have arrived then for sure! I’m excited to meet the little fella.


Monday, May 30, 2005

Ma mere has landed

So this is the week we have been waiting for….we move into the new house!

Claudette arrived yesterday and has once again been invaluable in helping us prepare for the move. Her energy is amazing. We have been keeping her well fed with trips to little restaurants (cuban and french so far) in between packing sessions. She’s getting to see Sal during the pregnancy as well, so she’ll have lots of memories of our son even before he is born. We are so lucky to have her here to help….and she rewarded by being our first guest in the new home!

She and Sal took a trip to the nursery today and found all kinds of treats for the new garden. We also took a trip over to Michelle’s to hang with her and Carter — funny to think that our little guy will have two cousins just a few minutes away. Damon is back in the Yukon finishing his movie and is due home about the same time Sal is due to give birth. This will be a VERY big month.

Sal had another Dr’s appt this week - all looking good. However, during the ultrasound, the Dr mentioned to Sal that our little man was looking quite “tall”. Sal said “execue me”? And the Dr says “yes, he’s got very long legs”! Sal and I are both having a good laugh at the thought of a lanky Kydd. And just when I was getting used to being the tallest in the family…..

Kate and Linda come out to LA in a few days - looking forward to seeing them and meeting little Maeve.

The house is nearing completion and it looks fantastic. Still lots of work to do on the landscaping, but we are very pleased with the end result.

Speaking of nearing completion…. Sal looks superb! Her belly is growing fast, but she still has plenty of energy. She gets a little pink in the face in the afternoons, but otherwise she’s her same old self (albeit with a little more padding around the belly). She’s been, and continues to be, a great mom-to-be.

Funny - we have been together for almost 3 years now. Seems like yesterday in some ways. My life is so much better — I feel so fortunate to have her as my wife.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time has flown

I can’t believe how time has flown. Next week is my last week at work before going on leave and I so can’t wait. everything we’ve been working on is coming to a head and I’m beat!

It’s the Contender finale next week and Apprentice this week - most of the team - are flying up to NYC for the Apprentice finale - there’s some cool content we’re working on for next season and they can combine those efforts with this season’s finale event. In one sense I’m bummed to be here and not be able to go, but then again, I so can’t see myself jumping on a plane right now - I can’t imagine anything worse. So it’s a good thing, as at least the office is quiet and we can just focus on getting the finales over with and executed well.

On the house side of things it’s final inspection today - well the first final inspection. The week has been so harried with lots of things going awry, so I hope our good karma returns today. There were so many guys at the house yesterday it was insane - and we’re trying to get all the pieces in place ahead of the move in date - still scheduled right now for June 1.

Yesterday I was really stressed about it all, but today is a better day and all is good. I think we’re going to see if Claudette can come out to help with the move - she is such an amazing dynamo her help would be invaluable.

Everyone else, or other pregnant people I should say, seems so organised about their upcoming births. We have so much else going on I feel a bit out of it really. We haven’t got our heads around everything we need to buy and prepare for his arrival. I get anxious about it on one level, but then, well what the heck, we’ll love him and wrap him in a blanket, the pack and play might be a few days late is all.

So - an exhausting week, am defintely ready to take my leave and focus on the baby and the house. It will be a relief! Am amazed that at the check ups, they still say all is well - I keep expecting my blood pressure to have shot through the roof. Steven keeps commenting on how pink I am - oh yes, I am ruddy - that we can definitely say. He has been a joy through this whole process, the man has the patience of a saint, I really can’t imagine how much more difficult this would be without his unstinting love and support. I’m a very lucky woman to have such a husband. Enough gush, where’s the hot water bottle!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Wow - What a week!

So we had our second childbirth class this week and, boy (no pun intended), is it all hitting home - we are going to have a baby! The husbands learned how to give the mothers massages to ease the pain/discomfort during labor. Sal was thrilled to know that part of my job is to give her a massage!

We also had another great visit with the doctors this week. They continue to provide us with fantastic service and I take great comfort that Sal and the little guy are in good hands. They strike the right balance between modern technology and traditional methods — a mixture that fits us quite well. In a time where we could be quite nervous, I have great confidence in our doctors. They will take great care in bringing our little guy into the world — all while looking after the love of my life.

More good news — our friend Suzi presented us with some truly memorable pregnancy photos of Sal which she took a few weeks ago. We find ourselves looking at them over and over — so much anticipation on our faces.

Lastly, the renovation of our new home is almost complete. Just a couple weeks away and then we will have a real home for our small (but growing) family. Sal has been successful in bringing great creativity to the project — lots of great colors and special design touches that will make it a fun and warm environment.

Off to Palm Springs for the weekend for a little romantic get-away before our new lives as parents begin. Life is so good.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

End of a long week

I can’t quite decide whether the week’s are flying by or dragging - this week seems to have gone on for a long while, but has been so intensely packed that I’m barely keeping track!

Work - Contender coming up towards the finale, trying to find the right new hire.
Home - Looking for a tenant for the current house, looking at paint samples, starting landscaping, feeling the clock ticking on our house.
Baby - Keeping healthy, keeping hydrated, but feeling pretty zen on the baby front.

Highlight of the week
The ultrasound. I feel tremendously relieved to know that the little fella has assumed the position so to speak. His head is down, his back curves up my right side with his feet and hands pointing left, which is why Steven and I always feel him kicking on that side. I love feeling him move - even when at times he can give a hefty kick that will make me cry out - more from surprise than it hurting or anything - but it’s like - whoa there!! Sometimes I have a Pepsi - just to get him going a bit. Works a treat everytime.

Moments of Clarity
A couple of days ago I realised - hmm - there is someone inside me, kind of keen to get out. Which led to my next thought - uh oh - and he has to come out someplace. Every woman in the room cross your legs. Yuh. That was a little sobering I have to say. Generally though I don’t feel panicky or nervous or afraid, I pray for both of us to emerge healthy, but apart from that I feel relatively sanguine about the prospect of birth. Talk to me again after we’ve been to the classes, I may not be so relaxed.

Tic tic tic
We have 7 weeks to go, roughly speaking. Still no firm ideas on names. I’ve suggested to Steven we think of men we have admired in our lives, be it people we know, or actors, writers, composers, musicians. Part of me knows we will pick a name just because we like the sound of it, but part of me would like to see if there’s anything inspirational we’re missing…

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