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Sunday, January 29, 2006

One way to spend a birthday…

Watch video: Giggle Monster

Steven sleeping on his birthdaySitting on the lawn at the Getty, soaking up the sun, and people watching - ah!
Happy birthday baby!

The day began with Oliver giggling - spontaneous giggles as his father opened up his presents. This was a first and what a way to kick off the day. He is now sleeping really well - I nurse him before turning in at 9.30pm and then 3am - and the last couple of days he’s been waking at 6am. Progress. The 3am call doesn’t bother me at all - it means I get at least one 6 hour stretch - bliss! He is also sitting up fully unsupported - this expands his horizons somewhat, a happy man. Time is flying.

We then went to visit the Schindler House in West Hollywood, very interesting architecturally, but it was in need of some TLC. Practical as ever - but I have to say - it has terrible insulation - you could hear everything from one room to another. I did like the way certain walls to the outside would completely slide open, taking advantage of the Californian outdoor-indoor lifestyle. But generally, although I enjoyed the Japanese aesthetic, in this instance the ceilings of the house were too low and there was too much dark wood, for it really to take advantage of it’s great aspect and light. But hey, what do I know!

On to the Getty for lunch and some lazing on the lawn. We didn’t end up seeing any exhibits, the gardens and food are enough to merit the visit - and really, there are only so many medieval manuscripts one can look at.

Taking the day off was totally worth it. It’s funny how when you take a Friday off just to relax and hang out at home or in the city it feels so illicit.

We finished off with dinner at James Beach with Michelle, Damon and Morgan.

Good times.


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