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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Days of Summer

Today has been a scorcher. It was only last week that temps were down in the 60s (shocking I know!) but today soared to the 90s. It was Carter’s birthday so we trooped off to Will Rogers Park for the festivities. God it was hot. At least 30, three and four year olds tearing around in the heat - you would imagine a potential recipe for disaster. But the whole thing went superbly and everyone had a great time.

Carter I think was a little overwhelmed - but I’ve no doubt he’ll remember that birthday forever.

I’d never seen Oliver doing any kind of group sports before and I have to say he was damn good! And he so enjoyed it. I’ve started nagging Steven about taking him to soccer practice again - nothing too intense, just a chance to run around with other boys - and a fun way for the two of them to spend time together.

That being said I tried to look away as Oliver careened into other boys, I was so worried about his recent cut (from running in to the kitchen island - long story!) but it was all fine of course. Lola had a ball - running around in the sprinkler. Chilled as always.

Thank goodness the climbing in the crib ended as soon as it began - under threat of no more Bob the Builder! Lola is sleeping better too - we’ve started feeding them up right before bed which seems to be doing the trick.

So now it’s 6pm on a Saturday, evening, tired from playing tickle bug and hide and seek and running around in the backyard. Bee movie beckons. I am profoundly happy.

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