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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Little Bear in Action

The crawlThis isn’t really illustrative of how Oliver appraoches the crawl. His is more a commando style maneuver, using one elbow for leverage and then kinda grasping at the floor with the other hand. All four limbs are not necessarily coordinated at this point.

Likes: Crawling, Papa blowing his nose, rustly paper, spinach, peaches, bathtime, playing with his ball.

Dislikes: The sound of our electric toothbrush, peas…

Oh - and breakthrough. Last night slept through from 9-6! I’ve said it before - and I’ll say it again - Woo hoo!

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Friday, February 3, 2006

The Crawl

It has finally happened. It was just a matter of time and now the dawn of a new era is upon us. Oliver is crawling. Commando style he shifts across the floor and can make it from one side of the room to the other - slowly and in pursuit of a noisy colorful object and with lots of clapping and encouragement, but make it he does. So now we have to do the sweep of the house to ensure all dangers are safely tidied away. Thankfully he’s not exactly speedy so far so we’re in good shape.
In other news - the giggling continues - usually stimulated by rustling sounds of some sort which he finds fall-on-the-floor hilarious. Not sure I see the humor - but the laughter is certainly infectious. Peek a boo is also a favorite and the all-seasonal “There were ten in the bed” song never fails to instill delight.
Life moves forward apace and Spring is springing, at least I think it is, kind of hard to tell in sunny Southern California. Tonight it was foggy and felt wintery, but the mornings are getting lighter earlier which is a blessing for Steven on those rare occasions that the morning walk happens at 6am instead of the usual 5.30am.
On the menu this week - mangoes, egg yolks and yoghurt - plain. Not all at once obviously. He’s not sure about the latter, but if I disguise it well with banana it seems to go down alright.
We had a sitter this week, I am pathetic and insisted we go home by 9.30pm in case he woke up and needed nursing. Sad but true, these days are numbered. i haven’t missed a bedtime yet and I feel quite self-satisfied and smug about it. I’ll enjoy it while I can :)

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