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Friday, November 20, 2009

It’s a whole new look

So Last Monday Oliver went to the Eye Dr… I don’t know quite what I expected - I think to go in, have a chat and then come out with all my fears allayed… It was not the case - we were in there for over two hours to be told at the end of it that Oliver has Accomadative Estropia. This means he has far-sighted and so his eyes strain hard to compensate and correct his vision. In doing so, one eye drifts inward when he is tired or concentrating very hard. By the end of our appointment, my son had glasses.

So a few things - first relief that we found the issue, we are getting it corrected. The good news is too, he will probably grow out of them… But of course - there is also some sadness. My perfect boy looks different now. It’s something to get used to….

I was so worried we would have to battle him to wear them but he has been a complete trooper. Puts them on every day, no drama. But aye aye aye - he looks so grown up!

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