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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Meme & Oliver

Meme & Oliver I just love this photo of Oliver and his grandmother.

Claudette is coming out to LA to take a trip with us to Yosemite in October for a wedding. I can’t wait! We were debating about taking our nanny or hiring strangers to babysit when we got there, when we realised - this is crazy! We could ask one of the grandparents if they would like to join us - it makes it a family vacation and will be so much more enjoyable! Now I’m looking forward to the trip rather than stressing about it - Yosemite here we come!
more photos…

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sue & Claudette (Grammy & Meme)

Sue & Claudette (Grammy & Meme)
Originally uploaded by The Kyddsters.

Grandmas enjoying the afternoon on the porch!

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Ma mere has landed

So this is the week we have been waiting for….we move into the new house!

Claudette arrived yesterday and has once again been invaluable in helping us prepare for the move. Her energy is amazing. We have been keeping her well fed with trips to little restaurants (cuban and french so far) in between packing sessions. She’s getting to see Sal during the pregnancy as well, so she’ll have lots of memories of our son even before he is born. We are so lucky to have her here to help….and she rewarded by being our first guest in the new home!

She and Sal took a trip to the nursery today and found all kinds of treats for the new garden. We also took a trip over to Michelle’s to hang with her and Carter — funny to think that our little guy will have two cousins just a few minutes away. Damon is back in the Yukon finishing his movie and is due home about the same time Sal is due to give birth. This will be a VERY big month.

Sal had another Dr’s appt this week - all looking good. However, during the ultrasound, the Dr mentioned to Sal that our little man was looking quite “tall”. Sal said “execue me”? And the Dr says “yes, he’s got very long legs”! Sal and I are both having a good laugh at the thought of a lanky Kydd. And just when I was getting used to being the tallest in the family…..

Kate and Linda come out to LA in a few days - looking forward to seeing them and meeting little Maeve.

The house is nearing completion and it looks fantastic. Still lots of work to do on the landscaping, but we are very pleased with the end result.

Speaking of nearing completion…. Sal looks superb! Her belly is growing fast, but she still has plenty of energy. She gets a little pink in the face in the afternoons, but otherwise she’s her same old self (albeit with a little more padding around the belly). She’s been, and continues to be, a great mom-to-be.

Funny - we have been together for almost 3 years now. Seems like yesterday in some ways. My life is so much better — I feel so fortunate to have her as my wife.


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