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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New School

Oliver started at his new school this week - so hard!

Poor thing - not only is he one of the younger kids there, but its French immersion to boot so he has no idea what’s going on. When the week started I was very anxious. Far worse for Mom I think! Oliver and I have been so close since coming back from vacation, he hasn’t adjusted at all to me going back to work. Every morning there have been tears and the first day of school was no exception.

The teachers encourage the parents to hang around for a bit before leaving, but I really don’t know if it helps or not, or just prolongs the agony. But I did and when the time came for me to go - yikes - tears, clinging. Devastating. You feel like the worse parent in the world. I went back after 15 minutes and peeked in - he looked so sad, still blotchy and shuffling about in a forlorn way. Bad bad mama.


It got easier.

When I returned to pick him up there were huge smiles and an exclamation of “We had cake!”

The next day was easier still and today, one of the teachers distracted him with a book and he was totally cool with me going. No tears at all!

From this I’ve realized a couple of things.

1. Picking him up each day is a BIG DEAL for him and really matters. Even if it means me crossing Santa Monica to and fro every day, it is so worth it to see how happy he is when I get there.

2. Telling him every day what is going to happen - that he goes to school and Mama goes to work and after lunch Mama comes to pick him up - really helps. I’ve also incorporated tales of first days at school into the daily night time adventures of Marvin the ant and his friends, Candy the caterpillar, Lucy the ladybird and Pepe the beetle.

Don’t ask. Long story. Literally.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One step, two steps, three steps, four

Happy New Year! Can’t believe this is another one rolling in. Steven and I, had what is for me, the perfect night. Dinner and a movie. Yeah yeah, we’re getting old, I know it. But it WAS a great movie. Juno. Smart, funny, originally told and moving. I’d highly recommend it.

New Years Day saw us at the beach. Days like this I realize why we stay in California. We spent the morning running along the shore with Oliver, a warm breezy day. Such fun. I walked back with Lola. I’d kind of forgotten how far it was back to the house but I wanted to put into action two resolutions. One - to be more active. and two - to spend more time with my children - quality time. I don’t get, strike that, I don’t make enough time to spend with them, especially with Lola so it was cool, walking with her along the boardwalk - even if she did sleep the entire way.

Oh - and our best news of the new year. Lola has started to walk. 3-4 steps yesterday, today a burst of eight. Our kids. They like to make these milestones memorable. Oliver started the day after his first birthday.

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Monday, December 31, 2007


Gorgeous Girl
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Lola has her first tooth peeking through! Not bad for 11 months!! Last few nights have been a nightmare with Lola just not getting to sleep. The kids are now sharing a room and Oliver is in his big boy bed! Well - we figured it made sense to tackle it all at once - whoever thought THAT was a good idea!?

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Rifling through the drawers
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Lola is growing up so fast. This week saw her saying Mama for the first time, her second word after what we think is either “duck” or ‘quack”
She is bold, inquisitive, fearless and cuddly. She tries to do everything at once, from taking steps, to talking, chasing and annoying her brother. She will look you straight in the eye, but take her time in opening up. Once she’s figured you out though, there’s no stopping her.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Oliver & the potty

So we started potty training Oliver in earnest this week, starting on Monday. He is now wearing underpants all day and the diaper still at night. Needless to say there are a lot of changes of clothing going on and many accidents, but that’s ok, we’ll get there.

It’s amazing how every parent approaches this differently. Our approach has been to just take him to the bathroom constantly, at least once an hour, whether he wants to go or not. A friend of mine was just telling me she left her boy without pants at all and let him go on the grass outside, then moved the potty onto the grass til he got the hang of that, and then moved the potty back inside.

There’s also the whole thing with boys - do you train them to pee standing up or sitting down? We decided on sitting down. There’s just one less thing to think about…

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sitting Up

Sitting Up!
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A big day - caught on camera - Lola sitting up for the first time! She’s still a little wobbly with this particular maneuveur, but definitely getting the hang of it. The days are counting down to when this little girl starts to give Oliver a serious run for his money!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Big Day

First day at school
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Today was Oliver’s first day at school. He has started at the Newpath Montessori in Santa Monica. It’s a small school and they only take around 3-4 children of Oliver’s age. It almost broke my heart seeing him with his lunch box and back-pack all ready to go on his new adventure! So proud of my boy looking all grown up! There was so much to check out he didn’t hesitate and dived right in to exploring the toys and his new environment.

When I got home the best thing ever, Granny had taught him “Row, row, row your boat” and he was starting to sing it. Really an amazing time - he’s repeating everything back to us and telling us what he’s been up to, what he wants, what he needs. It’s all such a discovery, every day brings a new word.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


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Lola is now eating solids can you believe it! We’ve experimented with peas, rice cereal and squash - all going well so far she is loving it! She is still such a smiley girl, wakes every morning just beaming. A delight. Check out more pics of Lola in her element!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Milestones - Sleep

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So I went to put Lola down tonight - nursed her a bit and then put her down awake - and would you believe it! She put herself to sleep. Major milestone. She is so alert and so strong. I gave her a bottle myself for the first time too today - I think it was a sign. I’m ready to stop nursing. It’s just so exhausting and I feel 5 months is a good juncture to call it a day. So this week I’ll start pumping less. It’s a big decision. If we don’t have any more children, this is it. Maybe I’ll try and do what I did last time where I’m just nursing once a day before bed - that would be ideal…

Steven is away tonight on business. Bianca working late helping me with the kids. I miss him on these days, always feels so strnge to be in the house alone.

Oliver has some new words to his repetoire - he’s repeating them all the time now “airpey” for airplane, cat is still “rara”, dog “deh”, bottle “baba”. But green means “go!” and red - well red also means go - :) - we’re getting there…

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Oliver turned two today!! Yippee! Very exciting all round. There was lots of Thomas action and the “choo choos” were a big hit. Bianca came with an easle and finger paints which also proved to be a winner - and to to it all - a plasma car which I personally can’t wait to check out.

Oliver’s languae is really exploding now - he is becoming much more confident with just trying new words and often repeats new ones immediately. It’s a joy to see it all coming together. It is so true what they say that it all starts happening when they turn two. this morning we got a “hello” instead of the usual whimpering when he woke up - heaven!!

Saturday we’re having a picnic/softball game at Will Rogers - can’t wait! Very casual, low key - fun.

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