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Monday, February 16, 2009

Week One

Well this was the first week of going solo with the kids. It’s hard to believe but up to this point I had actually spent very little one-one time with them. I was terrified and excited.
Day One saw Lola truly testing my mettle. She tried every which way to figure out which one of Mum’s buttons to push and I fell for every one! Lunch time was the biggest challenge - I tried to make her sit and eat her dinner and NOT take all her clothes off for the eleventh time. It just seemed she was intent on winding me up. The she took a huge dump and everything became a lot calmer. I had totally missed all her signals.
Taking off all her clothes and running around saying “Naked! Naked!” proved to be an enduring theme for the week. She is frequently joined by her brother too and the excitement reaches fever pitch. The first day I fought it, before realizing, that resistance, as they say, is futile. I also realized it is all tied in to her potty training. She has been using the potty all this week and is really getting the hang of it - she knows when she needs to go - but there are a lot of false trips and in the beginning I just didn’t get it was part of the learning process. By the end of the week though we were both doing a lot better in reading each others cues and getting into a rhythm. Change and transitions are always hard, especially for the little ones.
Oliver too found it all a bit jarring at first. The first couple of days there were some tears and tantrums - he was missing Bianca I think and wondering what all this change meant, he was certainly unsettled. But by day three we had our rhythm. I had them both going down for a nap - which Oliver I do think still needs. He could manage without it, but it doesn’t seem to impact his bedtime, so I guess he needs the amount of sleep he’s getting.
So all in all a wonderful first week. A lot more mellow than I could have imagined. I cooked a bunch, trying out new recipes and felt a lot less stressed, but a lot more physically exhausted. I don’t pretend to myself that I’ll keep this going forever, but so far so good. These years are going to go by so quickly I want to make the most of them - and to boot I am truly blessed with some wonderful friends in similar situations that are always just a text of phone call away. Rachel and Cerentha - you guys completely rock.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day I think was fairly typical of the highs and the lows that motherhood invariably entails. Battles with Oliver - who seems to have recently discovered the tantrum - at least with his parents. And then, flashes of pure joy and exuberance from both Oliver and Lola that obliterated any misgivings the day might have entailed.

My indulgent moment was dashing off to the garden center, twice, to buy jasmine and 8 rose bushes for the front yard. Begone green shapeless bushes, hello roses. A total indulgence I know - but they are so divine. Elle, Pope Paul and something that is white with a pink trim - stunning. Raul our gardener, was alos here and we replaced a bunch of stonework in the back with more lawn. Oliver is beside himself - so much room to roam.

Tonight we released more ladybirds. Such fun. Oliver loves to have them crawl all over him, Lola is less convinced.

Oh and Lola has a new dance (I think learnt from her father) instead of bouncing up and down, now she swings her arms around her - such a delight. Gifted I’m telling you, gifted.

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