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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hand, Foot & Mouth

Three little words, one horrid virus! Poor Oliver has been stricken with this for the last few days. Lola thankfully seems to have a much milder version. So what’s the skinny? Well you get nasty blisters, like cankers in your moth that just make it very painful to eat and swallow. It’s very contagious amongst children (adults can’t get it we’re mostly immune). So no school for Oliver and lots of treats, ice cream and cuddles.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ah yes I’d love to say there have been significant changes in our household. The sleepless nights have continued, with various colds, ear infections and so on keeping the kids awake. Sharing a room as well I’m sure, is not helping things. So we’re muddling through. The rains have continued too - so I’ve got to do some rethinking on Lola’s first birthday - the park probably isn’t going to cut it.

One funny story from tonight. Oliver woke up crying. Steven is working late, so just me on deck. I brought him out for a cuddle and he felt hot so gave him some motrin. Went back into the bedroom and rocked him to sleep then gently gently put him back into bed. Upon which I heard, as his eyes opened sleepily “good job Mama, good job”. Priceless!

Watching the Clinton, Obama, Edwards debate. Geez that is one smart woman.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tough Love

What a week. Lola hasn’t been sleeping. Between 3 and 6am for the last week she’s been restless and upset. I tell you, sleep deprivation is an ominous thing. We thought it might be the teething so were reluctant to really do very much about it. Last night she was in with me and she was fussing at her ear, a clear telltale sign. I took her in to the Drs this morning and lo - an ear infection. Poor little lamb, she’s been braving it through the whole time and I suspect she’s had it for quite a while. So we’ve got her on antibiotics which should do the trick.

Oliver is also down with something. Some viral cold flulike nastiness. Bianca picked him up from school today and we also took him in - just to check that’s all it was. What a day.

So tonight both kids have taken some medicine to help them sleep and keep fevers at bay. Thank goodness Steven and I are relatively healthy. Amen to that.

On a brighter note, Sunday was a fantastic day. Temps must have hit upper 70s and we spent the afternoon at Will Rogers Park. Truly a great day. Topped it off with a movie classic for Oliver - ET. First time Steven had seen it. I cried, of course. Take me to see any children’s movie from my own childhood and I won’t last 30 minutes before tearing up. same with Christmas. What can I say, I’m a sap.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Things are movin!

Lot going on in the Taylor-Kydd household this week. I’ve been sick as a dog. First Loring had it, then Bianca, then me. Nasty dry cough that doesn’t seem to want to let go. Los Angeles is having a cold snap at the moment and the Santa Ana winds make the air so dry you feel parched all night.
Oliver is also sick now. We took him to the Drs pretty smartish this time as I was worried he would have the same thing - but he has in fact an ear infection and pink eye. Poor wee lamb - he does look in the wars. So he had his first antibiotics. Kind of a bummer - he’s managed so long without having to take any, but this time he really needs them, he’s been miserable.
Also - wait for it… 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced baby! That’s right - things are moving on the number 2 front. I just knew this one would come early. Like Oliver she is in a hurry to get out and see the world. Now 1 cm could mean any day or it could mean another two weeks. We were hoping Mom or Claudette - hopefully both - would make it out for the birth - but I can just see this little imp jumping the gun on everybody! Stay tuned!! One more week of work to go and I’m ready to call it a day. Just physically it’s all getting a bit exhausting - not that time at home is any easier - far from it - but it will be good to spend some time with Oliver before the new baby comes. Tic tic tic…

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