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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



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We so rely on our naps at the weekend! I was reading an article on Babcycenter saying that at 3yrs the naps can start to go away! Oh no! Say it ain’t so!!! Whatever will we do without those couple of hours of downtime?

I wonder if this is me really worried about my peace and quiet on weekends (a big factor undoubtedly), or if its that more than a small part of me is loath to admit my baby boy is growing up.

He and his sister are very into coloring right now which delights me no end. It never ceases to amaze me how she just makes these developmental leaps simply through seeing her brother doing things. Coloring is one of those - Oliver has only gotten into it now, but she is already keen and half his age.

But dancing - there Lola leads the charge. Even now Oliver only kind of gets it, where as Lola has been boogying since she was just a year. That girl’s got rhythm!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Or Not

So - perhaps it can be said we were a tad premature in celebrating Oliver’s first sleep-through. Last night, Friday night, emboldened as we were with our first successful all-nighter, we decided to try and put Dr Stern’s advice into action and experiment with seeing if Oliver could put himself to sleep. Up until this point, I have to admit, dear reader, that we have been putting him to sleep without fail by rocking the stroller back and forth. We only do this to get him off to sleep initially before transplanting him to his crib - small comfort I know. So we did, as instructed, he’d had his bath, I’d read him a story - soft lighting - lots of quiet - and down he went. I closed the door, and tried to relax. Steven had a friend over, himself a new father, so we were in good company. However it wasn’t long before the moanings and yelps turned to full scale cries, and Mike, Steven’s friend diplomatically offered to get an earlier cab to the airport. I think i lasted 5 minutes before going into him. as it turns out he was still hungry, so a small feed, some stroller rocking and he was down for the count. Unfortunatly it wasn’t a big lengthy sleep and he awoke at 12, 1 and 3 - ugh. Next day I was not feeling too chipper. Oliver 1, parents 0.
Today was our second try. It was a big day to begin with. Oliver - string bean that he is, has outgrown his carseat and thus his stroller (snap and go) too. The snap and go has served us well, but its time has come and gone. and yes, I gave in. Gave in to celebrity peer-pressure and we got ourseleves a Bugaboo - as i told Steven - it does include a bassinet and will last from 0 - 4 years! Some compensation for the extreme sticker shock. It is handsome though I must say!
Again we tried, soft lights, nice feed, time for bed murmurings - my mother is going to find all of this hilarious I have no doubt. We put him down and the yelps turned to cries and within 5 minutes (or less I kid you not0 I had capitulated and was in tears myself. In the (new) stroller he went to be rocked to sleep. I am a bad parent. But truthfully - I think deep down I don’t see what is wrong with this method of getting our wee one to sleep - it works doesn’t it?? I know we’re making a rough bed to lie in and I know a few days of pain now will save us a world of pain later, but ack - I can’t quite do it just yet. Help! Anyone any stories on how they went through this - click on the 0 comments link below and help!! If I was on a reality show I would have no sympathy.


Friday, October 21, 2005


Little bear slept through the WHOLE NIGHT last night - that’s right people - from 10pm through to 5am - and then only stirred as his Mama’s boobs were killing her! Could this be a major breakthough? Has our little man done the sleep-through all on his own without a concerted effort fom his parents? Or is it all just a cruel tantalising glimpse of what could-be, but what is still several sleepy weeks away? Stay tuned my friends…


Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Day 2

Another rough night.
So damn tired.


Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Back to Work

And of course - last night was the night Oliver decides he needs a little bit more attention from Mama. 9pm went down a treat - but only lasted until 1am, then 2, then 3, then 4 then 6 - agh! Needless to say I didn’t feel best equipped for my return to work. Please don’t anyone ask me any question remotely expecting an intelligent response today - I don’t think I’m up to the task. Where’s the bathroom - errr….

It’s so bizarre being back. 4 months is a long time - but also in that time, we have a whole new exec team and have moved offices. There are lots of new faces - everything just feels bigger.

So I spent the day unpacking my gear, getting various tickets resolved and helping my team with some QA for two new sites launching today. They have done an awesome job - I’m excited to get stuck back into things.

Pumping worked out OK - we’ll see tomorrow if it’s enough - there’s a good mothers lounge which makes it very convenient.

I miss Oliver - but feel that working again will make me a happier Mom and so a better Mom - I can’t wait to get home to see him, but feel like I’ve had a bit of a break.

Now just roll on the solids and some relief from the crippling tiredness.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Random Musings

Our second week has begun to have that random feel, with days running in to each other in a sleep-deprived fog of domesticity. Sad as this may sound, I find myself reluctant to venture out right now. As soon as we’re out and about in the traffic and the chaos, I yearn for the peace and safety of home. Our new house is so comfortable and just a pleasant place to be in, that it’s a welcome refuge from the hustle and bustle. I’m sure this will change in time and I’ll be dying to get out into the real world with the grown ups, but for now this is what I need.

But venture out I did, the other day Mum and I went to the Pump Station to buy some much needed supplies. I was somewhat dreading it - fearing a meltdown in the car - Oliver or me ;) - but we fed him and changed him before we left and he was good as gold the whole time. so it is possible I thought. They have breastfeeding support meetings there which I might trot along to next week, meet some other new Moms.

Emboldened, yesterday we took a walk to the beach - he did start to fuss at one point - but the good thing about breastfeeding of course is that nourishment is never far away. So we sat and fed him to the sounds of the Pacific ocean lapping at our feet - well, maybe I’m embellishing here - to the sounds of skaters, teenagers and other Venice beach goers whooping and enjoying the summer weather anyway! So that was fairly straightforward, I fear a nappy change might not have been so easily accomplished!


Sleep deprivation is a big deal. BUT. I think, so far we have been very lucky. Oliver can sleep for 4 hours at a stretch at night which gives Steven and I a chance to really get into a deep sleep before feeding him again. Last night for example we fed him at 10.30pm, again at 1.30pm (when I woke up and woke him) and then nothing until 6am. Now that is manageable. He feeds in clusters, so when he wakes it’s usually an hour of feed/diaper, feed/diaper before he’s fully satisfied, but then he slumbers for quite a while so, so far it’s going well.

I quite enjoy our nightime activities really, I say that somewhat guiltily as I’m not sure Steven would share the sentiment! But it’s an opportunity for us to be together, just the three of us in a quiet space. I wake to feed him and then Steven will burp him and change him. Steven always take a little time to put him on his belly and have him push his legs out, (his exercises!) which is a great way of getting him to burp himself and also finish any pooing that needs to happen - in the vain hope of changing the diaper and not having to change it again 2 minutes afterwards! He’s usually quite alert and calm at this point so it’s a great time to connect, if somewhat sleepily. But the best time is the morning feed for this. Oliver then gets to sleep in the big bed for those first couple of hours in the morning, it’s a wonderful, special time.

I’m making a promise to myself today to take a nap every day, it’s not always easy to stick to, but I feel SO much better when I do, I can almost function normally. I sleep easier when he’s beside me, rather than in the bassinet.


Who knows how much of a person’s character is defined at birth, but it is interesting how right from day one all the various medical folks ask about his temperament. So here we go - let’s see how much of this bears out! Chime in all you existing parents with your learnings on this one! Our Oliver is a sweet natured boy. He doesn’t fuss unless he really wants something - which at the moment is to be fed. He self-soothes easily and is generally pretty serene. He is attentive when alert and curious about his surroundings. All in all we are blessed. Apparently my parents tell me I was much the same as a baby - so you can draw what conclusions you may!!!

Forgotten Random Information

- Contractions started after watching “21 Grams” on DVD. Not sure how that one ranks with my nephew’s experience, whose mother’s waters broke whilst watching Kill Bill 2.
- Popsicles in hospital were a big deal. I think I had about 10 of them over the same amount of hours. Cherry flavor - yum - will always have that association.
- Our boy was welcomed into the world to the soulful sounds of Mr Springsteen and Dido helped me through the worst of the contractions.
- Oliver is now one week old - amazing - already I can’t imagine life without him! - and on a vain note - my belly has contracted enormously - not quite my pre-pregnancy self - but not half bad either!
- I did say these were random!

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