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Friday, June 18, 2010

UK Trip

I was trying to find a photo that best captured the essence of this trip and it’s really hard to do. We were there for such a short time for Mum’s 70th, just over a week, but we packed so much in!

We stayed at this wonderful cottage just 4 miles from Mum’s house which was the best of both world’s - we could see her often - but we had our own space and didn’t feel we were imposing on anyone. The cottage itself was divine and surrounded by horses! Friendly ones at that, so visiting them became a daily ritual.

Seeing my brothers and spending time with their families is always a highlight, you just can’t beat it. So many times I thought to myself, is LA really the right place for me to be? My kids are missing out on so much - in terms of spending time with their cousins and Granny… It’s so hard. The grass is always greener in one sense. I think if we could spend a lot more time here it would make everything a lot easier. Go over for a month each year or something… Who knows.

Anyway, Mum’s 70th was great. Good to see so many of her old friends, women I’ve known all my life. It’s always a little strange though because they know so much more about you than you do about them.

I also went up to Ross on Wye and visited with the family up there, which was a real treat. It had been too long, another visit long overdue.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

UK Trip

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, Fall, that brings out the melancholy in me. The falling leaves, the misty mornings, followed in LA of course by a scorchingly hot day to remind you that summer is not quite over.

That is probably it. The sudden changes in temperature are a stark reminder that I am not home, that I can’t snuggle up, get cosy by the fire and knuckle down for Winter. I’m in Los Angeles, not London after all.

So around this time I try and sneak a trip back home. To visit my nieces and nephews and see how they have grown. To visit my brothers, my Mum, and see how they are, or are not, taking care of themselves. To remind myself that whilst some things change, many things remain comfortingly the same.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Back to Blighty

OK - well although now I am sorely tempted to say we are never travelling anywhere ever again, I know that is over-dramatising. Suffice it to say baby O has found the transition to a new place and a new timezone somewhat taxing - most specifically between the hours of 11 and 3am.

To begin at the beginning.

Mama & O The flight was a dream! My worst fears were not realised, or rather were misplaced. We had a spare seat between us and out little angel slept the entire way. Steven and I got some sleep too, altho that shallow kind where you’re half-aware of everything - but hell, I’ll take it.

Arrived in the UK and altho it’s cold, it’s not bone-chillingly so. We are well prepared with scarves and mittens and all keeping warm. Was great to see Mom and her darling little cottage. It’s totally gorgeous, will have to get a photo - but very kid-unfriendly, lots of creakings, steep stairs and no sound insulation to speak of - so from the bedroom you hear everything downstairs. These sound like pitiful whinings I have to say - so sue me - these things become crushingly important when trying to get your infant child to sleep and persuade him that it is time to sleep - even though on the inside he knows its 10am!

Needless to say the first night was rough. He’s just not sleeping - so there was lots of pacing with the stroller - oh and projectile vomit at 2am - musn’t forget to mention that. Night two, last night, was easier. He is adjusting and this time we kept the stroller in the bedroom so we could rock him from the bed without getting up.

Jackie & AlexCaught up with the family yesterday - Alex is a complete dervish - whirling around - a bundle of energy.

Becky is 7 going on 12! So grown up - she has changed so much since our wedding - I asked her who her favorite bands were and she said - Greenday, McFly and Girls Out Loud - well I know one of them at least!
Abbie is wee and teething - a gorgoous smile and as good natured as her big sister. Becky is a total joy - wonderful little girl - her school seems to be doing her wonders - she is so much more outgoing and really blossoming - but maybe that is just growing up.
Becky & Abbie
Today we’re at the Y! London UK offices - learning a lot about Yahoo! ops here - similar opportunities and challenges. Great loaction right in the middle of Leicester Sq. That’s all for now. although I moan about O’s sleep habits he’s a total trooper - he was up all day yesterday enjoying his cousins - smiling and laughing heaps with not one meltdown - he was so well-behaved - bless him.

Praying for sleep tonight.

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